Five Black and Gray Skin Care Products Because I Like Smearing Mud and Charcoal All Over My Face

Is it weird that I like rubbing mud on my face? Not literal mud from a pond or something, but luxurious fancy mud.
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January 29, 2015
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While everyone in New York was buying milk and preparing for their imminent blizzard-y death, I was sitting here getting these tweets off (follow me @courtneypizza y’all) and watching every episode of Desus vs. Mero. I was also rolling around in a pile of black and gray skin care products.

Is it weird that I like rubbing mud on my face? Not literal run-of-the-mill mud from a pond or something, but luxurious, fancy mud that exists in skin care products. Whenever you see a black or gray skin care product, it usually contains a type of purifying mud, or even better — charcoal. These are both ingredients that pull scary gunk out of your pores and provide a little detox.

While the color of products (ranging from every shade of dingy gray to pitch black) containing these ingredients may scare some people away, I chase after them. I’ve compiled a little roundup of my favorite clarifying skin care products of these particular shades so your pores can be as happy as mine.

Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm

I first sought out this cleansing balm after hearing raving reviews from one of my favorite beauty YouTubers, Essie Button — she claimed that her skin simply was not the same without it. In case you aren’t sure how balms work, you massage them into dry skin to dissolve makeup and cleanse the skin.

After a mini facial massage, gently wipe off the balm with a warm washcloth. This product has an oily consistency, and a splash of water to the face will not cut it. Post cleanse, your skin will feel soft and clean without that uncomfortable tight feeling many cleansers create. Hungarian moor mud harvested from Lake Heviz detoxifies and purifies your skin, eliminating any evidence of your weekend sins.

Origins Active Charcoal Mask

I feel like everyone has received a sample of this mask in their Sephora order at some point in their life, right? Charcoal masks are always able to suck out the horrors residing in my pores like a vacuum — especially as far as blackheads are concerned.

Konjac Cleansing Sponge With Bamboo Charcoal

I’m going to say something really controversial — Konjac sponges work better than the Clarisonic. Maybe it’s because they’re less abrasive, less expensive, and don’t need to be charged. Maybe it’s because Konjac sponges are relatively new and I just like new things. All I know is that after a couple years of use, my Clarisonic started breaking me out (over-exfoliation may have been the culprit), but my new sponge cleared up my skin again.

Osmia Organics Black Clay Facial Soap

I love using this facial soap bar with the aforementioned Konjac sponge at night after removing my makeup. The lather from this soap is so creamy and moisturizing (similar to using Dove soap on your body), and doesn’t leave you with that dry and tight feeling I mentioned earlier.

Drunk Elephant JuJu Bar

Here’s another type of facial soap bar. (Also, I realize that in the photo this appears brown but it’s actually gray). This moisturizing pH neutral bar contains heilmoor clay, virgin marula oil, and bamboo powder, which all provide an exfoliating effect. Rub this bar directly onto your face and feel the fine sand-like texture buff away dead skin, and all of the annoying flakes that make foundation application a nightmare. This is the perfect lazy-girl exfoliator, and I’m obviously attracted to the brand name Drunk Elephant, because I am also occasionally a drunk elephant.

Have you tried any new products lately that you love and can’t keep to yourself? Share away.

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