Cat Nail Art: Yet One More Way to Display Our Cat Lady Pride!

From bold graphic cats to famous Internet kitties, this nail art's got you covered.
Publish date:
July 31, 2012
nail art, cats, manicures, cat lady pride

If you've got Crazy Cat Lady Pride, then your nails can be an extension of your cat style. It's only fitting since, after all, cats are known for their retractable claws and penchant for scratching. So of course you should totally decorate your nails with -- what else? -- cat nail art!

Lucky for us, Fashionista compiled a slideshow of some of the best cat nail art out there on the Internet, and it's downright cute. The kitty art ranges from personal to graphic to geeky ... encompassing everything that makes being a cat person awesome.

Check out some of the paw-some feline-inspired nail art below!

These examples of cat nail art go for the graphic angle:

Photo by Mr. Candiipants.

Too cute!

Photo by Real Asian Beauty.

Photo by Pawesome.

We love it!

And these Nyan Cat and Hello Kitty nail designs are just awesome.

Photo by Black Coffee.

No cat nail art list would be complete without an appearance from Hello Kitty.

Reprinted with permission from Catster.