CHEAP-O LOVE: The Best Cat-Eye Liner Is Only $2.49

Get Brigitte Bardot eyes for less than the price of a latte.
Publish date:
July 23, 2012
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I'm all about a decent mix of high-low when it comes to spending my money. I'm happy having my chi-chi rose-scented Dior nail polish on a shelf right next to $2 bottles from Wet 'n' Wild. I love going to town in a drugstore searching for cheap and fun deals on beauty products (even though the last thing I need is more).

Gratuitous old photo of me sporting a cat-eye

Recently, when I was looking for some cheap brow powder to keep in my purse, I instead came across Essence Cosmetics Eyeliner Pen ($2.49, drugstores). Slim like an illustrator's marker, with a firm felt tip, it is perfect for drawing on a cat eye. I also like it on days when I'm feeling "simple." I just wiggle it into my lash line for more definition. The formula dries quickly, the pigmentation is dark and inky, and it's LESS THAN $3, DAMNIT! What more could you want?

I love a good deal.

So pick up the pen, watch this tutorial, and go to town. When you're done, tell me about your most recent cheap thrill.

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