If xoJane Staffers Were Candles

Plus, how I justify dropping so much cash on home fragrances.
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May 1, 2012
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I've been a fragrance fanatic ever since spending a night sitting on Courtney Love's living room floor sifting through her expensive collection of perfumes. By Kilian makes some of her favorite scents. Quite frankly, the smell of compost could come wafting from one of their signature black lacquered bottles and I would still swoon -- the brand just oozes luxury.

I have also come to love by Kilian candles, my only home indulgence. At $85 a pop, here's how I rationalize the expense: I don't buy things to decorate my apartment and I never stock the fridge, so how bad can spending some extra cake on candles really be?

Candles are so integral to my life that I wanted to share the love with some of our xo-staffers by playing candle matchmaker.

Madeline is Ray Charles to all other candles

Meyer's Clean Day Soy Candle in Basil Scent, $10: Like a young Gwyneth Paltrow, Madeline sprinkles flax in her yoghurt, she drinks out of a sustainable water bottle and she put me on to topping arugula salads with basil. This cool, crisp Mrs. Meyer's Candle is perfect for Madeline's kitchen. Go on girl, burn one down when you're cooking for your mans.

Corynne gets a mandarin contact high

Caldrea Candle in Mandarin Vetiver, $20: "I tell people, check your drama at the door when you come to my house," says Corynne. This no-nonense, Brooklyn-dwelling wife and dog mother goes for bright, relaxing scents like this juicy citrus blend. Light it up in the bathroom and relax.

Bryan loves L'Occitane

L'Occitane Scented Candle in Spicy Cinnamon, $19: From his chipper disposition to his fantastic posture, there's something endlessly festive about Bryan. He is the human incarnation of a Christmas carol. For this, I present Bryan with the warm, comforting kitchen scent of cinnamon.

Desk-dwelling Olivia

Lavanila The Healthy Candle in Vanilla Lavender, $12: Someone once described Olivia as my "arty bro friend." When it came time to find her a candle match, I was certain she would go for a tobacco scent or something masculine, but she chose this clean, calming, powder-fresh Vanilla Lavender candle. With three wicks, Lavanila's Healthy Candle has enough fragrance power to drown out the bro-scent in her big Brooklyn apartment.

Tell me, do you burn candles at home? If so, what are your favorite brands and scents? I want to hear about them so I can try some new ones!

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