Can We Talk About Chapped Lips? Plus Some Super Sexy Snapchats

It’s that time of winter where my skin has given up.
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March 6, 2013
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It’s that time of winter where my skin has given up. I’m pale in a way I didn’t know was humanly possible, I’ve got dry patches of skin around my nose that won’t go away, and my legs are like, permanently veiny and blue.

But the worst of it is the chapped lips. THE GODDAMN CHAPPED LIPS. I’m not un-blessed in the lips department, and I think that makes it worse. There’s more surface area to chap. The other day I had a presentation in class that I was fully late to because my lip was bleeding, and I couldn’t make it stop. Does this happen to anyone else?

The only thing I’ve found to really work when it comes to de-chapping is the Toothbrush Trick. It’ll make your lips super smooth and plumped up (bonus!) You just have to remember to do it once a week and not pick your lips in between (like some of us who are me).

For the Toothbrush Trick you’ll need:

•A clean toothbrush (not the one you actually brush your teeth with)


•A desire to love yourself and stop picking your GD lips

Basically, just wet your lips and exfoliate them with the toothbrush (rub in a circular motion). It usually takes me a couple minutes to get rid of all the flakes. Then dry with a soft towel and slather on Vaseline like it’s going out of style (HA! Like Vaseline will ever go out of style).

For the in-between times, I’ve been keeping Aquaphor Lip Repair with me. Put some on before you go outside in the cold or any time you have a desire to pick. It really does help.

What do you do for chapped lips? Or are you some Megan Fox mutant who doesn’t get them? Have you ever had to duck out on a commitment because your lips were bleeding? WAS THAT JUST ME??

Allie’s bleeding all over Twitter @allierileyjones.

P.S. Have any of you actually sent a sexy SnapChat? Maybe my sample size is irregular, but I’ve never sent nor received one. Only uggo ones. What gives?