CAKE FOR YOUR FACE! Also: What's Your Favorite Dessert?

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March 27, 2013
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I've just returned from an amazing weekend in the land of the free -- more about that coming in a post I am writing this evening, after unpacking and washing the stench of airplane food from my skin -- and over that weekend I spent a considerable amount of my hard earned savings on buying ALL THE BEAUTY. All of it. Everywhere. But again, more on that later.

Along with beauty, my other great love is, you guessed it! Eating, and looking at food. Especially sweet things. I am a sucker for a bag of sweeties. My teeth are crumbling into my face and I am swallowing bits of them everyday as a result, but still, I keep on eating them.

Honestly, my teeth are literally (not literally, pedants) screaming out for mercy but as I'm typing this I am cramming Pretzel M&Ms into my piehole like someone is going to rip the bag away from me at any second. They're not. I'm actually quite embarrassed for myself.

So imagine my delight, JUST IMAGINE for a second if you will, the pure joy on my jetlagged face when I read that MAC, lovely, lovely MAC, are launching a limited edition collection called -- wait for it -- "Baking Beauties," inspired by cupcakes and frosting. I DIE. If you like your products twee, but with a high performance edge, you're gonna die, too.

The line is comprised of 4 lipsticks, all with adorable names like Raspberry Swirl (a light, blue toned pink -- makes your teeth look whiter, bonus) and Devil's Food (my favorite, a deep, dark plum with a touch of gloss); 4 lip balms (MAC's balms are notoriously good and I expect these to be no different); 5 paint pots and a couple of glitters and face powders.

The highlight for me has to be the nail lacquers -- the sugary sweet Confectionary, Pistachio Creme and Blue Velvet Light cream polishes are right up my street.

I also can't wait to get my Jelly Belly-wielding mitts on the "In for a Treat" champagne face powder, which adorably is decorated with little flowers. LIKE A CAKE!

The line is out, at a not-so-purse-damaging $15-$35, available at MAC on April the 11th and in other stores on April the 18th.

OK, so now we've got the beauty out of the way (I jest), let's get down to it. What's your favorite dessert? I think my top five would have to be (but in no particular order because I tried to do that and then got all annoyed because I wanted everything to be number one):

  1. Key Lime Pie. Tart, and delicious.
  2. A red velvet cupcake. My favorites are from The Angel Food Bakery, in my native Brighton. If you ever go there, get one.
  3. Sticky Toffee Pudding. Oozy, gooey, treacley, toffee-ey (I just made up a word), spongey.
  4. A traditional Victoria Sponge. The original and best, and I can make one myself that doesn't taste like shit!
  5. Eton Mess. ARGH GOD. A heart attack in a bowl. Whipped cream, meringue, fruit.

Will you be buying the new MAC line? Or is it all too saccharine for you? And tell me your top 5 favorite desserts. GO!

I'm always posting photos of desserts and lipsticks on Twitter and Instagram: @Natalie_KateM.