I'm Obsessed With These Natural And Affordable Bath Products (And You Should Be, Too)

C. Booth's simple products feel crazy-luxurious, but they're nice and easy on your wallet.
Publish date:
August 7, 2015
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I'm a little overzealous when it comes to bathing, especially in the summer.

One quick shower in the morning simply will not do, I need a good thorough rinse in the evening, too! Walking and biking through the smog and muck of a big city leaves me longing to feel squeaky clean, and so I go through bath and body products at a pretty healthy rate.

That's why I thanked the heavens when I found C. Booth, the manufacturer of simple and natural bath and body products that don't cost an arm and a leg. Their ingredient lists may be short (it's recently been reformulated to drop things like skin-stripping sulfates), but their products leave your skin feeling clean, soft, and smelling like you dropped a decent chunk of cash at a fancy boutique.

The best part, though, is that nothing in the line is going to cost you more than a tenner.

My love affair began with the brand a few years ago when I first snuck a whiff of their Walnut Shell Body Scrub and Cleanser ($7.99, freemanbeauty.com). Straight up, it smells like cookies.

Not in an artificial, pre-teen way though, no. It smells like warm and spicy, fresh-out-of-the-oven ooey-gooey-chewy goodness. Ground walnut shell and pumice buff skin to smoothed perfection while avocado fruit extract and evening primrose oil infuse it with soft hydration.

My newest favourite from the line is the Triple Action Rosemary Mint Bath, Shower & Hair Wash ($6.99, freemanbeauty.com) which does exactly as it sounds -- it froths and foams in the bath, on your bod, and in your hair for a tingly fresh clean that doesn't leave skin or scalp dry, thanks to rose hip oil and aloe vera.

I like to use this as a deep cleaning shampoo once or twice a week, and I'm glad the new formula doesn't have any SLS since that tends to leave my textured hair falling flat. Instead, this thoroughly yet gently gets rid of the grime of the day and feels so fresh -- all summer products ought to be minty, no?

Finally, I'm majorly hooked on the Original Bath & Body Oil ($9.99, freemanbeauty.com). A few drops can be added to the bath for a calming and nourishing dose of luxury, but I prefer to use this as a rich yet fast-absorbing post-shower hydrator.

The blend of safflower, sesame, jojoba and evening primrose oils is deeply moisturizing on my year-round dry skin, and the scent it leaves behind is sophisticated and sexy while still being light and unassuming. And even though this is a multi-oil blend, it absorbs into skin so quickly so I don't feel like a greasy mess on even the hottest days.

Are you a fan of C. Booth? What are your other favourite natural-and-affordable bath and body finds? I'm also pretty cuckoo for everything Dr. Bronner's, of course, and my ride-or-die hives-fighter, Mountain Ocean Skin Trip. Tell me yours!