Burning Man Beauty Survival Tips

I have found my spiritual home but there are two problems with it, 1. It only exists for 1 week a year and 2. It is housed in the most inhospitable desert in the middle of Nevada. If you are thinking of going to Burning Man at any point you need to throw some beauty lifesavers in your suitcase.
Publish date:
September 20, 2012

One of the huge upsides to co-owning an independent beauty website is I get to try almost everything on the market, giving me a rather lofty overview of the industry with no affiliations to influence other than efficacy. These are the products I actually bought from Cult Beauty before heading off to my first Burning Man:

Pommade Divine, £11.95The packaging is not the sexiest in the world, but it leaves your lips looking beautiful in even this most savage of dusty, dry, alkaline environments. A 50ml tube of this went everywhere with me to ease cracked dry hands, lips and feet and was a brilliant way to make friends. It smells amazing!

Belmacz Blitz Gold Leaf adornment, £28I covered myself and everyone around me in this as it makes your skin look delectable in the sun. On a couple of occasions this made up most of my costume Ghasp! When in Rome…

Vinegar Essential for the hands and feet to counter the cracking effects of the alkaline dust, any one will do, I got some sachets from a chippie.

Dr Hauschka Rose Cream, £23.95This was just the ticket at easing my skin into this alien environment. It came with me on the plane and was invaluable twice a day when on the playa to keep my skin hydrated and glowing.

Ultrasun SPF 50 Body, £19.94This is an all day sunscreen designed for the active (or forgetful) on holiday because it really doesn't budge. I was building a 75ft square maze for the first three days I was there, so was out sunrise to sunset in the 40 degree heat with no shelter, sweating while carrying 8ft-4ft boards of OCB Boarding, climbing stuff and using an impact drill (F.U.N!).

Sachajuan Leave in Conditioner, £21You don't have any water other than that which you bring. A short shower uses gallons of water, so for a quick wash you don't want to be double rinsing. Plus you can spray this on to protect from dryness and it smells like fairies (disclaimer - this is imagined). No dry shampoo needed here, the dust is the perfect texture.

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint, £29It just makes my skin look great even with no sleep, it also doesn't look like you are wearing anything so you don't look too try-hard (it comes in 5ml mini sets for travel). I used the RMS Un-cover up Concealer, £28 to get the really big dark circles as it's super moisturising and for the rest, really big dark glasses.

Nail varnish Key when you need to disguise the slightly hobo dirt under nails look ones gets after a day in the desert, my colours of choice came alternately from this brilliant set from Essie.

Another lovely thing to take around with you is a facial spray for a little relief from the dry heat, it's nice to pass round to other folks too. My favourite spray is by Michelle Roques-O'Neil called Therapie Restore Aura Spray, £22. It's great for dispelling the stress of travel, hydrating and smells beautiful.

At the end of every day I covered myself in the Dr Alkaitis Treatment Oil, £60 as it not only hydrates, but is great for helping the skin with any trauma like nicks, bites, burns, scrapes, which ended up covering about 60% of my body after the week.

Last but not least….A bucket load of Faust's Potions Hangover Cures, £4.99 to keep the momentum up through the week, they also do a very good job of keeping your electrolyte salts up after all that sweating and they make lovely gifts for people.

Then here are other essentials I needed.

A hat from eachpieceunique.wordpress.com (NB the one I went for isn't allowed at Burning Man because it has feathers…ie MOOP)

100 yellow pom poms from castlehillcrafts.co.uk to sew onto my bikini top

44ft of El Wire (Electroflourescent wire) from thatscoolwire.com to sew onto my tailcoat to light me up at night. You can never have too much lighting!

A second hand bicycle from Black Rock Cycles (El wire & flowers for the bicycle so you can find it next to the other 1000's of bikes there)

Metallic leggings, fake flowers and flurescent body paint from Sohighsoho.co.uk

Goggles from Haight Street in San Fransicsco both dark and clear (key)

Tiger print gaffer tape (also key)