How To SMELL Like CANDY! Plus The HIstory of Bubblegum

Last summer, I was introduced to my first bubblegum-themed fragrance and lo, my love for candy scents was birthed.
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January 25, 2013
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I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but when I get that craving for candy, y’all better fall back because I will stop at nothing to get my sugar fix.

This is normal, right? Well I think it is. I even have a shelf in my apartment devoted to candy, mostly things of the gummy variety, that I keep well stocked at all times. In fact, it was just restocked last night!

But what do I love more than candy? Fragrances, obviously. Last summer, I was introduced to my first bubblegum-themed fragrance and, lo, my love for candy scents was birthed.

I realize that hearing “bubblegum fragrance” might induce adolescent flashbacks of Juice Bar body sprays, but pump your brakes, homie. I’ve got a couple of scents for you that are sweet as sugar, but won’t make you feel like you’re back in middle school. (No shade to the Juice Bar body sprays, by the way. They’ve got a GUMMY BEAR scent that is still available online which I am purchasing as I type this.)

Now because I am psychic, I know you are thinking, “Tynan, I could never wear a fragrance that smells like candy! I’m a professional, I need to be taken seriously!” Well, THINK AGAIN. These three fragrances are the epitome of sophistication, trust, but they just so happen to have a sense of humor.

Come on, we spend so much of our lives being so serious about the littlest things (or so I am told) that we deserve to have a little bit of fun with our fragrances.

Oh, listen to this while you read. Hit it, Marina!

So, first we have THE bubblegum fragrance, by Heeley: BUBBLEGUM CHIC.

Heeley is an independent luxury perfume house based out of France that makes fragrances that run the spectrum from natural and light to sophisticated and complex. All fragrances are very wearable and so devastatingly elegant that I could just weep.

Bubblegum Chic is Heeley’s most avante garde fragrance. I find it fascinating, intoxicating and an all-around blast to wear. The fragrance is surprisingly simple, made up of jasmine, tuberose (which is a perennial flower related to agave, which is what makes it so SWEET!), and white musk.

James Heeley, who is SURPRISE the founder and head of the company, just loooves jasmine. But the scent of jasmine typically wears away very quickly. His original intent was to increase the longevity of jasmine. I’m not exactly sure how he got from jasmine to bubblegum, but I’m so glad he did.

Now, much like Coco Chanel Noir, had I read the notes before smelling the fragrance, I would have thought it BO-RING because hi, jasmine, tuberose, and white musk doesn’t exactly appeal to a little street rat like me. But you guys, this shit smells JUST LIKE BUBBLEGUM.

The first time I put it on was on a sweltering morning in July. I was skeptical, convinced that there were a bunch of ways that this fragrance could go horribly wrong. But as soon as I smelled myself, I thought two things:

1. This is GREAT! I smell exactly like Bazooka gum!!!

2. …what have I done.

It’s important that I mention that while this fragrance is crazy familiar to your favorite bubblegum, it is shockingly not overly sweet, I promise. It has a very natural sweetness to it, almost, dare I say, an herbaceousness? Think of the way some plants and flowers in the summertime smell very sweet, but they’re still natural. It’s like that. If I smelled this on someone else with no prior knowledge of the bubblegum scent, I’d think that they smelled good, but not cloyingly or immaturely so.

So, Heeley scents aren’t the cheapest things in the world, but, come on, what else are you spending your money on? Your bachelors? Your mortgage? Live a little, Jesus.

Oh, my god, I’m kidding. What I was GOING to say is that they are available on and you can get sample vials for like three to four dollars! I totally just gave up one of my biggest secrets there, but it’s a great way to sample these bougie-ass fragrances before ultimately making the big commitment for a heavy price.

NEXT, we have Encens Et Bubblegum by Etat Libre d’Orange.

SO FRENCH. And so delicious. The name of this fragrance, translated, means “Incense and Bubblegum,” like popping your gum in church. Do you die? As a Catholic high school survivor (believe it), I am totally into it. Amen.

Another great version of a bubblegum scent, this fragrance is as sweet as it is tangy. It derives its sweetness from peaches, raspberries and orange blossom, while conversely getting its dry, darkness from incense (specifically frankincense. Christ child realness!) and musk. While the aforementioned Heeley scent is a more literal interpretation of the bubblegum scent, Etat Libre d’Orange takes the idea and makes it their own. It's little juicier, a little bouncier, and a LOT more irreverent. I’m too into it.

Side note: Did you guys know that no one actually knows the original recipe for the flavor of bubblegum? The guy who invented chewing gum back in 1928 never gave up the recipe, and then went off and died, so no one actually knows how he came up with the flavor! Possessive and rude.

Now, we only have recreations of the flavor. I’m sure some of you have some freakshow insight on the original recipe or are like, related to the inventor, so snatch my wig and drop some knowledge in the comments.

Another side note: Etat Libre d’Orange teamed up with Tilda Swinton to create a fragrance. So, get that.



This fragrance kills me. I love that Prada, of all labels, was just like “whatev” and named a fragrance CANDY, like they’re selling it at a damn mall kiosk.

So needless to say, as soon as this fragrance was released, I was on the prowl to get my talons on it. I like it a lot. It’s not too complicated, but with a name like “Candy,” I don’t think it’s trying to be. It’s heavy on the caramel, hit with vanilla, and rounded out with musk. Simple, babes.

What I like most about Candy is that it’s great for women (or men, heheh) of all ages. I’m more impressed by the fact that it’s good for day AND night. All of that caramel brings a creamy sweetness, which is rounded out and balanced nicely by the musk. It’s casual, wearable and accessible!

Plus, THE BOTTLE. Such a retro shape accented with a hot pink band wrapping around it and a black disc on the top. So cute and chic. It would look awesome just chilling out on your vanity or bathroom counter, which, let’s be honest, is really what fragrances are all about.

So what are your thoughts on candy fragrances? Have I put you onto them or have I scared you off? Are there any that I should try? What is your favorite candy? Tell me everything in the comments, my little macaroons.

Tynan is riding a sugar high on Twitter @TynanBuck