This Brow-Filling Routine Is Revenge On The Boys Who Made Fun Of My Eyebrows In 6th Grade

In "honor" of the middle-school hotties (it didn’t stay that way for them) that teased me, I’ve put together a foolproof eyebrow tutorial to get your sisters in tip-top shape.
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November 12, 2014
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Eyebrows have always been a thing for me.

It all started in the sixth grade. I was desperate to remove extra body hair, but my mom said I had to wait until I was older. (Not over it, mom.) The embarrassment of leg hair was almost unbearable, so I wore long pants at all times of the year, preferring to die of heat exhaustion over anyone seeing my burly legs. (This was long before I became an adult and grew to be thankful for that same leg hair, which grows in soft, blonde and nearly invisible.)

I was able to get by with my leg-hair-hiding pants, dodging questions like, “Aren’t you hot?!” when I sat with pink cheeks in sweltering classrooms. I could do it. I could make it till 13 without anyone noticing I was a hairy beast. Or so I thought.

It was science class and I got sat next to not one -- but THREE -- of the hottest boys in the sixth grade. Can you imagine? Gawky, scrawny me, free to try the flirting techniques I learned from a magazine on everyone’s biggest crushes.

But things did not go as planned. (Obviously. What a boring story that would be.)

After I sat down, the three boys were whispering, looking at me, and giggling. I took it personally in a good way. They were discussing something good, which also had to do with me! Did they think I was hot? I was wearing, as always, my weird shrinking scrunchie shirt, so I felt hopeful. I couldn’t wait to be included!

Finally, after much inquiring on my part, I learned what they were talking about.

“Unibrow,” said the hottest of the three.

“What?” I said, not really getting it.

“Unibrow,” he said again, this time pointing at me.

“Um, OK...” I said, hoping this didn’t mean what it meant.

“You have a unibrow, and it’s really funny,” the second-hottest boy said, trying, I think, to keep it factual.

Holy shit. This was the worst moment of my life. I had a unibrow? How did I not notice such an awful thing? My cheeks were hot as I held back tears, and the boys continued to laugh.

That evening, I stole my mom’s tweezers and went to town on my eyebrows, not having a clue what I was doing. I plucked. And plucked. And plucked until there was hardly anything left. Somehow, this was worse than a unibrow. When I cried to my mom about it later, she told me to come to her for help next time, but I was convinced there wouldn’t be a next time. Would my eyebrows ever grow back?

Turns out that would be the beginning of my many eyebrow struggles. We’ve all been there every now and again. But the beauty of it all is this: makeup can help (temporarily) fix your eyebrow woes!

In "honor" of the former sixth grade hotties (it didn’t stay that way for them, as you can imagine), I’ve put together a foolproof eyebrow tutorial to get your sisters in tip-top shape.

You will need:

Step 1: Assess The Situation

Look at your brows. Where are the flaws? What could use a little filling in? Do your eyebrows start and end in the appropriate place as they relate to your eye? Is your arch in the most flattering place it could be? Here’s how to find out:

Take a makeup brush and line it vertically next to the corner of your eye. This, ideally, is where your brow should start.

Next, line your makeup brush diagonal from your nose and across the outer corner of your eye. This is where your brow should, ideally, end.

Finally, line your makeup brush so that it sits diagonally along the outside edge of your iris. This is where your brow should, ideally, arch.

Lucky for me, my eyebrows are patchy, uneven, and have different shapes and heights. What about you?

Step 2: Brush ’Em Out!

Brush your brows with your brow brush. You want them to be brushed in the way you want them to lay, while also keeping in mind the natural pattern of your hair. So maybe a dramatic upward or downward brush isn’t ideal here, but a suggestion of how you want them to look is best.

Step 3: Shade The Outer Brow First

I like to start shading the brow from the outside, because I tend to be a little overeager and heavy handed at first. This is not an ideal look for the inner edge of the brow because you could end up looking like a Disney villain. Start on the outside!

I use a pencil for the ends/middle of the brow for more control and definition, but you are more than welcome to use the darker shade in your powder duo here if that’s what you prefer.

Using short, quick, LIGHT strokes, fill in each brow how you desire. (You will be able to clean up later, so don’t panic if it looks a little intense at first.) The goal here is to create the arch, length and definition of the brow that you want. Do not shade past your pupil.

Step 4: Shade The Inner Brow

Using your angled brush and the lighter shade in the powder duo, shade your inner brow. To do this, start by drawing a line along the bottom of your brow, and then push the powder upward.

You want to create softer definition here, hence the lighter powder. The upward motion after creating the line along the bottom of the brow helps the shadow to blend naturally with your natural hairs.

Step 5: Blend

Using your eyebrow brush, lightly blend the makeup. To do this, brush through your brows while gently blending with a circular motion. I emphasize the word gently. You don’t want to smudge or remove the makeup, you just wanna blend it a bit.

Step 6: Clean it Up

Using a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone and a concealer brush, clean up your eyebrow makeup. To do this, put a small amount of concealer on each side of the brush, and slowly outline your eyebrow to cover up imperfections. I like to do it on the top and bottom of my brows, but you may only want to do it on the bottom, depending on just how messy you were.

Gently blend the concealer in with your finger.

Step 7: Set Your Brows

Using an eyebrow gel (a gift from the heavens, by the way), set your brows. Basically, the applicator is like a mascara wand with a setting gel. You need to lightly swipe the wand over your brows a few times, making sure everything will stay in place. (And it will.)

Step 8: Enjoy!

Yay! That’s better, right?

What are your favorite eyebrow products? Do you have any fun eyebrow horror stories to share?