Bold Eyebrows For Spring And/Or Climbing The Social Ladder

You know what I am into? Being as attractive as possible to as many people as possible, all of the time. That’s my game.
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April 16, 2013
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Lately, I’ve been very into eyebrows. I never really paid much attention to them, but people keep trying to convince me that a big bold brow is the LOOK for spring. I’m not big on trends, so whatev.

But you know what I am into? Being as attractive as possible to as many people as possible, all of the time. That’s my game. Trendy or not, I’ve recently realized that no one loves a nice, strong brow more than a gay guy in his mid-twenties. I’ll be out at a bar with my friends and, honestly, what is the first thing that they notice about another guy? His eyebrows. Not his bone structure or his clothes or his shoes. His eyebrows. Because that makes sense.

I’ll let Sal, one of my favorite eyebrow-loving hotties sum it up for you. Sal says:

“I would suck on Zachary Quinto’s magical eyebrows for nourishment. I would suck on them like a Capri Sun with no straw.”

The obsession is real, you guys.

So I was out with a few of my guys a couple of weeks ago, and yet another brow comment was made.

“I have nice eyebrows, right?” I coyly asked a friend of mine.

“Sure, they’re fine…”


Well, I am not fine with “fine,” so lately I’ve been looking around for something to fill in my brows. I was feeling very TLC “Unpretty” because I thought my eyebrows were great to begin with, until somebody told me that they weren’t.

But I wasn’t trying to go out and buy an eye shadow and an angled brush and a clear mascara and a highlighting powder and everything else the Internet says that you need to rock a strong brow. It’s not that I didn’t want to really GO there, it’s just like, damn, how much time do I actually want to spend on my freaking eyebrows, you know? Even I have to draw the line somewhere.

Enter NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder.

How do we all feel about NYX? They always impress me by having so many options for everything you could possible need on the beauty front, and it’s all so affordable. Have you seen the entire NYX line? It’s so huge. I saw a NYX display recently and like, screamed. They have everything.

So this NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder is perfect for the eyebrow crossroads I found myself at because it has everything you need to get your brows on point in no time. It is available in six color palettes with two shades of power in each set, pretty much guaranteeing that you’ll be able to match your brow color. It comes with a bristly mascara-like brush to tame your bushy brows, and a little angled brush for application of the power. And a wax for shaping!

All in one little palette that is a little smaller than a credit card, a little bigger than, I don’t know, a condom. The palette costs SIX DOLLARS, which is basically free.

First, I rubbed my finger onto the pot of wax and slicked it over each of my eyebrows to shape them and hold them in place. I then used the angled brush to fill in the middle, brushing out to the tail of the brow. Last, I focused on filling in the head of the brow (closest to the nose) where mine are the most sparse and spastic.

Personally, the hardest part about filling in the brow making it look natural was the head of the brow. I wanted to get full coverage with the powder, without creating a hard line and squaring off the corners. If you’re not careful, you can go from “natural” to “drag queen” by brushing just a few too many times. (I'm not for a single minute insinuating that there's anything bad about drag queen beauty. Hello, they know more than any of us. I'm just trying to avoid Maleficent eyebrows.)

The angle brush is teeny, but very sufficient. I’m not trying to tell you that it’s the best quality makeup brush you’re ever going to use, but it works like a charm.

When I was applying the powder, I made sure to tap the brush on the top of my palm before working the powder into my eyebrows, to remove any excess color. The wax is not only great for shaping, and it also grabs onto the powder and holds it in place all day. Just be careful because the powder can build up in the wax, making it go too dark too quickly. Start off slow -- you can always add more color, after all.

The first time I did it, I got a little carried away and was serving a Frida Kahlo/Demi Lovato on X Factor look, but I quickly tamed that mess with a dry Q-tip.

As I stared at face in the mirror, assuring myself that yes, this is what every guy in his twenties does before he goes out on a Friday night, I was surprised at how much I dug the subtle change.

A fuller set of brows definitely makes your eyes pop more, and your lips as well, if you’re rocking some great color (which sadly, I was not).

Did you know that Jeremy Renner, star of the “Hurt Locker” and “The Town” used to be a makeup artist before he made it big in Hollywood? I know, I die. Well he says that the tip he would always give women was “Brows, lashes, lips. Frame the face.” Lashes and lips are a given, just throw brows in the mix and everything will POP just the way it should when you’ve got a little help from your favorite cosmetics. And it’s so quick and EASY.

When my eyebrows and I met up with my friend Daniel last weekend, he goes,

“You look really good, what’s different?”

I was about to play it off like “What do you mean, different?” but then I saw him giving me that “Don’t play with me, bitch” look, and I had to come clean. He knows me well enough to know that I’m always brewing up some beauty black magic, on weekends especially.

“I FILLED IN MY BROWS!” I triumphantly told him.

And all night, I kept getting the same comment. “You look really good! Did you do something different?”

Well I wasn’t about to come clean with EVERYBODY! What’s the point of having a beauty cabinet made up of foundation, bronzer, lies, and deceit if you’re just going to tell everyone the truth?! I think I told people I got a facial or something.

I’m not saying that all of those haters that eyebrow-shamed me were right, I’m saying that…well, maybe that actually IS what I’m saying.

Wait. I know y'all love a good before and after, and I live to serve, so.

(Excuse the harsh yet bad lighting of my bathroom.)



What do you guys think? Will thicker eyebrows make me more friends? More pressing: Do you find me more ATTRACTIVE with thicker brows? Do you fill in your eyebrows, or is that just way too extra for your beauty routine? What about those of you who wax, would you be open to trying out a bolder brow? What new things are you trying out for spring?! TELL ME.

Omg, you guys, Tegan & Sara gave me a shoutout at the LOGO Awards! I bet you that they fill in their brows, too.

Tynan is serving up a bold brow on Twitter @TynanBuck.