I Finally Got My Hands On A Body BB Cream And I'm Pretty Impressed

I was skeptical at first, thinking it was just another way for beauty companies to cash in on the trend. On the other hand, I am the first person to fall for all of that. So, sign me up!
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May 9, 2014
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After being bombarded with every possible type of BB cream you could dream up, BB creams for the body have arrived. I knew they would show up eventually. I’m basically a beauty psychic. When I grow up, I want to be an oracle.

Anyway, after I wrote about that Dr. Jart BB gel, some questions about body BBs popped up in the comment section, so I decided to try one. I’m happy to be your guinea pig. Honestly, I’m happy to do whatever you tell me to.

Jergens sent me their new BB Body Skin Perfecting Cream, which is one of the first BBs for the body that I’ve seen. Admittedly, I was skeptical about the concept of a BB for the body, thinking it was just another way for beauty companies to cash in on the trend. On the other hand, I am the first person to fall for all of that. So, sign me up!

At $11.99, Jergens BB Body Skin Perfecting Cream is easy to find at the drugstore and inexpensive, which are two of my favorite things, especially when it comes to new products. This body BB is available in two shades, for light skin tones, and for medium-deep skin tones. It promises to hydrate, even, firm, illuminate, and correct, all in just five days.

The cream itself is a light tan, but doesn’t go on thick and streaky like a self-tanner or a tinted moisturizer. It doesn’t rub off on your clothes, either! It’s light and the color is very sheer, so when you rub it in, you don’t even notice the coverage. You’re not standing there trying to make sure the color is even, because there’s really not an immediate color payoff.

The texture is lightweight --it feels like a whipped body cream. I thought that because it was so light, I was going to have to use a ton of it to get the coverage I wanted, but what I found was exactly the opposite. I squeezed about a quarter-sized amount into my hand thinking it would be enough for just my chest, but I found myself spreading it over my shoulders and down my arms. Is this sensual enough for you yet? I’ll go on.

But does it work? Five days is a lot for me to do anything, you guys, because I get bored easily. Five days is like, a big commitment. But for you, I will. For five days, I swaped my normal lotion for the body BB and applied it right after I got out of the shower, and before bed. I didn’t see the immediate results that I see when I use a regular BB on my face and for the first few days, I thought I wasn’t seeing any results at all.

BUT THEN. Towards the fifth day, I noticed some subtle changes with my skin, so I kept my little test going for a few more days, just to see.

Does it:

Hydrate: Yes! I mean, it’s made by Jergens so of course it's very moisturizing. I did notice that it took a touch longer to dry than what I prefer. I normally hate smearing body cream all over myself because it makes me feel clammy and slimy. But, you know what, by the time I threw some clothes on, the cream was dried down and I had forgotten it was even there, so I guess I should stop being so sensitive.

Illuminate: Yes! Now, I love an illuminator, especially a body illuminator. I just want to SHINE! I could walk around looking like the Silver Surfer and it still wouldn’t be enough. The BB body cream subtly illuminates without any talc or glitter, so you’re not going to look like you’re on your way to a rave when you’re really on your way to the office. It’s just a slight touch of sheen that helps add a healthy glow.

Even the skin: Yes. This is what I noticed the most, actually. The cream is supposed to help with redness, but being olive skinned, I really don’t experience a whole lot of redness on the regular. But what I noticed after a couple of days was that my skin was a little brighter, a little more vibrant, and had better color all around, almost like I had just (forgive me) had an orgasm, or thrown myself into a giant vat of NARS Orgasm blush (bucket listing that one, btw.)

Firm: In the interest of fairness, let’s level here. I’m 26 with the body of like, a cartoon ballerina. I don’t have any skin that needs to be firmed, yet. I think this might be meant to sound like it will help with cellulite, but I don’t have any of that either, so I can’t really speak for that result. My skin is still tight, but my morals are loose.

Correct: This is essentially meant to work like a perfector for your body, to blur and hide imperfections. Did it hide imperfections? Not quite. It doesn’t work like a concealer and you wouldn’t want it to anyway. But it does blur imperfections making them less noticeable. If you have discoloration, marks from healing blemishes, or little scars from who knows what, then this will help make them less noticeable.

I was really happy with the mileage I got out of the cream, so I wasn’t afraid to load up on it, feeling like I was using it up too quickly. I definitely wouldn't hesitate to buy another one either, especially since I'm planning on wearing basically no clothes this entire summer. Couldn't hurt!

Are you skeptical, or would you give body BB creams a try? I mean, you already have beautiful skin, but if you’re going to moisturize, you might as well do it with something that’s going to go the extra mile. Have you tried it? Am I crazy? Tell me in the comments!

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