Let's Pair Bobbi Brown's New "Scotch On The Rocks" Lip Colors With Actual Scotch

I love scotch, I love lipstick, and I love the lip print lipstick leaves on a glass of scotch.
Publish date:
November 5, 2014
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Whiskey (or whisky to everyone outside the US) seems to be the "in" spirit this season, and apparently, there’s a certain sexiness to women who know and enjoy its rich, slightly spicy, sometimes-smoky flavor. According to master of whiskey Gina Fossitt, they’re seen as living (or at least drinking) by their own rules and attracting attention with little effort.

“It shows that she is confident and often becomes the 'interesting' person that everyone wants to talk to,” she says.

I’m guessing this is part of what inspired Bobbi Brown's “Scotch on the Rocks” collection for fall 2014. The color palette -- warm matte browns, golden metallic nudes, and silky rich reds -- exudes relaxed luxury and self-assuredness (translation: nonchalant glamour with a bit of bad-ass).

I’ve been a whisk(e)y drinker for years, especially during the chilly seasons. I like it neat, sans mixers and chasers. When I’m feeling fancy, I order a scotch (by name and age) on the rocks.

My normal beauty routine is pretty similar to my sipping habits: not very high-maintenance, but by no means no-frills. I don’t own foundation or concealer and usually rock a slightly winged eye, mascara and a colored lip. Dressed-up equals a bit of bronzer in my moisturizer, a little blush, and a dusting of iridescent translucent powder in a key spot or two. Like scotch, however, I have my brands of choice and am very particular.

When I learned of the “Scotch on the Rocks” collection, I decided to pair its lip colors with some of the scotches I enjoy (because I’m always pairing my drinks with some seemingly unrelated thing).

Beige Gold Shimmer

Beige Gold Shimmer is a barely-there shade with a hint of shine. I’d say it’s the sweetest, most subtle shade in the collection -- barely even leaving a lip print on the glass.

It’s fresh, versatile and subtle but also a little flirty, like Speyburn 10 Year Old. A pale gold single malt, it has a clean, medium-bodied flavor with hints of butterscotch and a sweet finish.

Malt Shimmer

Malt Shimmer has a pinkish-peach tint that, when applied generously, provides a pretty, frosty lip, and seems to look good on a variety of skin tones. Like Beige Gold Shimmer, it’s fresh and flirty, but it has a bit more presence.

It’s akin to a fine blended scotch, like Blue Hanger 10th Edition Limited Release. Slightly complex with a light color, this blend’s flavor evolves as you sip it, especially on the rocks. There’s a bit of smokiness, but it’s still lighthearted and very approachable for someone who’s new to scotch sipping.

Sultry Red

I must admit that Sultry Red wasn’t the best color on me, but it did leave a nice lip print on the glass (sexy, sexy) and will look way better on either a narrower lip or a wider mouth. It’s an intense, creamy, high-powered shade that says "I’m bold, I know how to have fun, and I do it with class.”

That’s basically the same thing you’re saying when you order The Balvenie Caribbean Cask, Aged 14 Years. It has a sweet, rich aroma and a well-rounded flavor with hints of vanilla and oak (because it’s finished in barrels that were formerly used to age rum). It’s a sultry sipper indeed.


Lovely, dark and deep, Bordeaux is the shade with the most intrigue in the collection. Wine colors are huge this season, and its rich creaminess infuses this take on the trend with a bit of luxury. Worn on the lip, it indicates a daring personality.

A woman who wears this color is probably also one who picks a scotch with an intense flavor like that of Balblair Vintage ‘02. Spicy and intense, this scotch is aged in ex-bourbon barrels and has flavors of citrus, apples, toffee and vanilla. It’s not for the faint of drink by any means, but if you have the cojones to take it on, you’ll enjoy it.

Oh -- and no matter what you have in your glass, or even on your lips, the nail colors from this collection looks amazing wrapped around a rocks glass. I loved them so much I had my manicurist at The Beauty Vault use them on my last visit.

Are you a scotch/whisky/whiskey drinker? What's your favorite? And which is your favorite of these lip colors?