HOW TO: Try These Blood-Dripping Murderous Nails For Halloween!

They're easy. Swear.
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October 28, 2013
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I'm not going to any Halloween parties this year. Apart from dressing up at work and playing hide and seek in the dark, that is. But I'm not going to any proper parties. My Mum's birthday falls over Halloween weekend every year, and every year for the past FOREVER I've been busy over her birthday weekend dressing as a half-arsed vampire or something, and trying to encourage Chris to dress up as something other than someone's dead Gran.

This year, I decided to forgo the party and spend the evening at my Mum's instead, eating take away and choosing the music for her upcoming nuptials - it was lovely as I often don't stay over there, let alone at a weekend.

Despite not attending the annual Halloween party my friends host for charity (don't worry, I'm still donating), I still needed to have a little bit of the Halloween spirit. As you know, I love everything nail based, so where better to celebrate than on my ten digits?

I remember seeing Prabal Gurung's blood drippy nails on the catwalk last year and I totally meant to try them out then. But as time ticked on, as it is wont to do, a year slipped past and I forgot. This year, as I was thinking up what I could do to my nails for Halloween, I remembered them. So, BOOM! Here's a nail tutorial, which I haven't done for ages because I've been busy whingeing about my boyfriend sleeping with prostitutes or whatever.


I'm quite averse to nude nails normally, because I'm a massive show off and mannequin hands just ain't my thang. Saying that, sometimes the need arises, so it's always good to keep one on hand for times like these. Simply paint all your nails with your chosen nude shade. I used Essie's "Brooch The Subject".


This bit isn't actually that hard and looks really good. You get your red nail varnish (I used my favourite, OPI's "Vodka and Caviar"), allow there to be a large blob of polish on the brush, and dab it onto the nail in three blobs nearly half way down your nail. Then, use the brush with only a thin amount of polish on and draw a thinner, sometimes squiggly, line up to the end of your nail, joining the blobs together and making a drippy, blood like effect. If you're not great at keeping things neat, you may find it easier to use a nail art brush and fill in the drippy effect bit by bit.

When it's dry - and it MUST BE DRY - add topcoat. I'm still loving Orly's Sec 'n' Dry. Make sure your polish is dry first, because you don't want the red to streak into the nude and ruin everything, and make you cry and/or smash stuff up. (Speaking from experience.)


I was going to leave it at that, but then I thought "NAH. This is way too low key. I know what this needs! Tiny little gemstones." And so I retrieved my trusty wheel of nail gems that I bought on Amazon about two years ago for hardly any money at all.

You're probably best off doing this at a table, with some tweezers or something, but I was on the sofa watching telly and I couldn't arsed to relocate the four steps away to the table. I balanced the glue, the gems and my camera on my legs which was pretty stupid as I spilt the gems all over myself. Still didn't move, though. Comfort comes first!

I chose to glue red gems on the drips on my ring finger as an accent nail. I spent about half of my morning today trying to explain to my male colleagues what an 'accent' nail is. Some of them actually cared! It was great.

Once the glue is dry, you're done!

I can't put any photos of my face in this tutorial because I cried before I went to bed last night and I woke up this morning looking like a frog, so here's another photo of my nails.

So, will you try this look? Or have you got another nail art idea you're trying this Halloween? Post your photos (if you can work out how to, I'm rubbish with stuff like that) below!

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