3 BLOOD ORANGE BEAUTY PRODUCTS That Are Keeping My Summer Juicy

Today I am here to sing the praises of my favorite summer scent, my fruit muse, the BLOOD ORANGE.
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August 11, 2014
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Today I am here to sing the praises of my favorite summer scent, my fruit muse, the BLOOD ORANGE. Pretty much just like a regular orange, but way more sexy and dangerous, like me.

This summer has been all about the blood orange, specifically this blood orange margarita that I can’t stop drinking. It’s from one of my favorite spots, it comes out of a keg, and I can’t get enough of it because I’m trash.

BUT, the blood orange isn’t only good in your drinks, it can be great in your beauty products, too. I’m not usually an orange guy, but these blood orange margs have had me on a solid buzz since about mid-April so apparently, things have changed. Now you too can enjoy the tangy, juicy scents I’ve been loving all summer long.

First up is Paradise by NEST Fragrances, $65.

I trust that you all remember my history-making and iconic exclusive with NEST Fragrances around this time last summer. Their five debut fragrances were a huge success, which is unsurprising because they’re lovely. This summer, they dropped two new scents on us, and one was built around the scent of the moment, the blood orange!

Paradise is not your typical citrus scent, though. While the blood orange is certainly at the forefront of the fragrance, NEST balances it out with ginger and a heavy dose of cedar, making it more spicy than sweet, and just as green and woody as it is citrusy. I love this fragrance because they put an unexpected twist on what could have been a single note fragrance. It's fresh, clean, and it’s great for both men and women.

It wears nicely all day without being too heavy or too sweet. It’s obvi great for summer, but it’s going to carry me well into fall and maybe even into the darkest days of winter when I’m missing the summer heat. I don’t know though, sometimes the summer nostalgia is all too much.

NEST’s other new joint is Indigo, which is like a sister fragrance to my favorite from the collection, Midnight Fleur. Indigo is warm, wet, a little sweet, and very sexy. A true ~night fragrance~.

Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter by Pacifica, $15.

Does anyone not love Pacifica? Because that would be nonsense. Pacifica has a whole collection of tropical scents from sweet and fruity to warm and floral so there’s probably one that appeals to you.

Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter applies more like a normal moisturizer than a butter, which is a plus for me because I’m not usually a fan of the way body butters wear. This stuff absorbs pretty quickly, leaving behind only the scent of blood oranges, and just a bit of strawberry and raspberry. It’s packed with shea butter and almond oils leaving your skin moisturized all day, but not slick and oily like some other body butters tend to do. I’ve been trying to keep my hands and cuticles real cute lately so I’ve been slathering this on left and right. Being Pacifica, the scent is also available in shower gels, bar soap, room spray, and perfume, if you really want to commit.

Slammer Body Wash from Lush, $29.

Lush Shower Gels are one of those products that I will never, ever go without. I get that they’re almost $30 for a product that you scrub all over your body and then immediately rinse off, but they’re just that good. They smell great, and leave your skin feeling SO SOFT.

Slammer is no different. It’s an intense burst of citrus that really helps to wake you up first thing in the morning (or whenever you decide to crawl into the shower, no judgment.) It’s filled with lime juice, peel and oil and other citrus oils, plus sea water which helps to smooth skin, and honey which helps to calm. And I realize that this product is much more heavy on the lime than it is on the orange, but Jesus, look how bright orange it is! It's packed with citrus and makes a great addition to your morning routine.

What scents are you loving this summer? What should I be checking out? Let's chat in the comments.

Tynan is drinking margaritas on Twitter @TynanBuck.