Intellectual Reflections On The Changing Of The Seasons (And Nail Polish, Too)

Curing your S.A.D. with beauty products, because that's just how we roll here.

No matter where you are in the world, the weather is changing drastically. Oh, you live in the Southern Hemisphere, and summer's on its way? Good for you! But here in North America, winter is upon us, and while I'm excited for the holidays and all that, I feel kind of disgusted about it, too.

While I'd like to imagine that for the next few months, the world around me will be blanketed with beautiful, fluffy, white snow that resembles the softness of my cat's fur, I know it will mostly be a gray, sloppy slushy mess that I have to trudge through in my Hunters. NOT COOL.

But, like Cat, I use beauty products to help me escape and cure those bummer episodes that we all inevitably experience. Sure, you could buy one of those depressed-person-lamps, or you could spend your hard-earned money on nail polish that changes colours (just like the seasons, or your rapidly swinging moods!)

Enter Blaze Nail Lacquer's holiday collection, a bevy of rich, jewel-toned glitter shades whose base colour changes in the sunlight to give you gorgeously bipolar nails that will look good at all the holiday parties you have to bundle up in seven layers to get to.

I've been wearing Daring Red to Caviar Dream ($12.95,, a red glitter on a clear base that turns to black in the sunlight. Indoors, it reminds me of Dorothy's ruby slippers (escapism at its finest!) and outdoors, even in cloudy, Winter-ized sunlight, the base turns to black and the red glitter on black takes on a devious, Evil Queen vibe. So good.

So how do you cope with your S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder, that is)? Have you upped your vitamin D intake for the next few months? Retail-therapied a great new winter coat? Lemme know.