What Bizarre Beauty Ritual MUST You Do (Whether It Actually Works or Not)?

The Japanese lady told me to slap my face everyday. What do you do?
Publish date:
December 18, 2015
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"Not tap...SLAP!"

The Japanese sales lady with flawless skin demonstrated with a healthy slap to my hand.

"I slap my face everyday, so did my grandmother. We don't age!" she told me with glee. I examined her smooth, luminous skin and wondered how old she really was. 30? 40? 80? It was impossible to tell.

I bought the rice bran oil I had gone into the store to buy, and took it home to slap it onto my face like the maybe-30-something-probably-80-something sales lady told me to do. The Japanese winter had been rough on my skin, and I'd felt like an old Sphynx cat with adult acne standing next to the slapping-woman.

I've been slapping oils onto my face everyday for nearly a year now. I don't know if I'm just more devoted to keeping my skin hydrated with a rotating roster of selected oils (rice bran oil for when I break out, coconut oil to sooth irritated skin, argan oil when I want a little extra moisture and glow), or if there is actually something to gently — or not so gently — slapping my forehead, cheeks, neck, chest, and eye area with said oils. Whatever it is, my skin has been noticeably clearer and more glowing since the slapping commenced.

While at first I smacked rather gingerly, I now love the light tingling that accompanies my rigorous oil-slapping routine. It's way more than tapping, but not enough to leave a mark. My mornings and evenings aren't complete without The Slappening.

It could all be in my head. I don't really care — I think it works and I think I look good. I look forward to being an 80 year-old Chinese lady with AMAZING skin who smacks young women in the name of beauty.

What unusual beauty rituals are a MUST in your routine? Have you ever gotten weird beauty or grooming advice that actually works? Do you do the oil-slapping?