5 Beauty Travel Essentials To Avoid Having Gas Or Looking Weird On Your Vacation

Or, maybe you have no vacation plans and just like travel sized beauty products because they’re small, cute, and let’s face it, you have commitment issues.
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September 22, 2015
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Maybe you’re squeezing out one last last beach vacation to Atlantic City before pumpkins begin their autumnal invasion. Maybe you’re planning a Thanksgiving visit to see family members you have to pretend to like and eat your weight in turducken. Or, maybe you aren’t going anywhere and just like travel sized beauty products because they’re small, cute, and let’s face it, you have commitment issues.

Last month I traveled to Europe for the first time, touring four countries in two weeks to visit friends and become a Cultured Woman of The World. For this trip (I should really say “holiday,” right?) I kept the beauty goods to a minimum to create more room in my suitcase for tacky souvenirs. I love tacky souvenirs.

Here are my five travel essentials for any trip – whether I’m going overseas to Europe or to New Jersey for the weekend.

1. Urban Moonshine Organic Digestive Bitters To Avoid Gassy Nights, $7.99

My biggest fear while traveling abroad was getting food poisoning or shitting myself, because my stomach is used to ingesting only salmon, oatmeal, and Chop’t salads while in New York. An English friend warned that Parisians love adding weird animal meat surprises to their meals, so I knew I needed a supplement to prevent dying a gassy death.

Digestive bitters aid digestion, soothes bloating and heartburn, and aids healthy liver function among many other things. I was mostly interested in the aiding digestion part, so I packed a small travel sized spray bottle of Urban Moonshine’s Original flavor of bitters (trés herbal tasting).

Spritz seven sprays into your mouth before or after a meal, and revel in the luxury of a completely calm stomach – no matter how many weird animal ingredients were in your dinner. ~LuV~

2. Farmacy New Day Gentle Exfoliating Grains To Clean Dem Pores, $30Excuse my beauty nerd excitement, but powder cleansers give me butterflies. Pour a quarter-sized amount of Farmacy New Day’s finely milled white powder into your palm, mix with water, and rub for a milky cleanser. Magic! Maybe my exfoliating standards are extreme because I’m a microdermabrasion kind of girl, but I found this cleanser more creamy than exfoliating. Definitely gentle enough to use every day. This is also the most mess-free product I’ve ever used or traveled with.

3. Products To Keep Your Hair From Looking Like Cabbage

Living Proof PHD 5-in-1 Styling Treatment 2 oz., $15

Flex Shaping Hairspray 3 oz., $14

I am not a low-maintenance hair person by nature. I typically require a multitude of products to clean, condition, and style, as well as a full tool belt for wrapping my hair at night. This shit takes work, but on my vacation I wanted to spend more hours exploring than standing in front of a mirror.

To cut down on time, I relied heavily on the 2 oz. PHD 5-in-1 Styling Treatment. Just this PHD serum and a heat protectant were all I needed for blowouts that lasted at least four to five days. Easy peasy.

Also, I wrote about how I use the Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray to fight humidity and preserve blowouts waaaay back in February. It’s a necessity on every continent, so I obviously had to pack a travel-sized bottle.

4. Phuse Makeup Brushes To Keep That Face Beat, $60

When I travel, I keep my makeup application to a minimum – a little powder here, a sweep of bronzer there, fleek brows, and maybe some eye shadow for night. I like to keep a clean set of brushes set aside for weekend trips or longer holidays, like this convenient Phuse 6-piece set. I love that every brush I need will be kept neat in a sleek roll-up travel case.

An important tragedy to note -- the spooly end of my Anastasia Brow Wiz snapped off in London (to which I screamed “NO GOD WHY!!” repeatedly through tear stained cheeks), so the eyebrow brush saved my damn life.

5. Travalo Refillable Fragrance Atomizer To Smell Like A Flower, $12.23

Smelling tasty is more important than having travel insurance as far as I’m concerned. English YouTube beauty guru Amelia Liana preached the good-smellin’ blessings of the Travalo, so I immediately bought one on Amazon. Watch how the refillable spray bottle works in this eighteen second video.

Holiday season is around the corner – do any of you have a fun trips planned? Or did you travel anywhere exotic for the first time this summer? I visited the village where The Holiday and Bridget Jones’s Diary were filmed in the English countryside and honestly enjoyed it more than Paris.

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