One of the benefits of being the world’s most underwhelming beauty writer is that I get to try everything, so what I’m using changes a lot.
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October 5, 2015

One of the things I like most about beauty is how personal it is to everyone. I love knowing not only what everyone is using, but why. What is it about your favorite eye cream that makes you buy another when it’s about to run out? Why are you using that certain foundation?

Last weekend, I watched as two of my girlfriends HAD IT OUT about what drugstore mascara they liked the best, and why (it came down to the brushes, it always does.)

I’m the type of bitch that will grab your makeup bag and grill you about your products. This is just one of the many reasons why no one should ever, under any circumstance, hang out with me.

But I do it for the love of the game, you know? Makeup and skincare isn’t about looking hot. It’s about finding the products that work for you and your lifestyle, and then looking hot.

Every time I finish an article by asking what you guys are wearing, that’s not just a stupid call to action to get you down in the comments and generate traffic, I’m genuinely interested!

As much as I hate to admit it, I love all those dumb articles that are like “Here are skincare tips from the Victoria’s Secret Angels.” “Here’s Chrissy Teigen’s favorite foundation.” I’m always like “God, who reads this shit?”

Then I realize, me. I do.

SO ANYWAY, I got to thinking: What if like once a month (read: however often I want/remember to do so) I take you guys through a rundown of what I’m wearing that month? One of the benefits of being the world’s most underwhelming beauty writer is that I get to try everything, so what I’m using changes a lot. This will be a good way to keep you guys up to speed.

Nothing will change about all the other stuff I write, but these are the kind of articles I really love to read, so I thought maybe I should write one for you.

Although I’m not sure what to call this segment. Emily wanted something engaging and sexy, but as it turns out, I'm not creative. I thought “Tynan’s Monthly Mug Shot” was cute but kind of tempting fate.

Oh and, I thought I’d supplement this first one with a video and see how that goes, so, sorry about that. Anyway, here's me in, like, a a leotard. Get ready with me.

Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate, $46.

"You look tired." Isn't that GREAT to hear from people? How do they expect you to respond?

"Thanks! You should be shutting the fuck up." It's almost as good as being told that you should be smiling.

This face oil aims to protect your skin from external pollutants and stressors and make you look more awake, which will, in turn, protect you from the unwanted opinions from haters.

I love Kiehl’s. Their products are reliable, they always back all of their claims up with so much science that I get bored halfway through reading, and the price point is decent enough that I don’t get worried that you guys will bitch at me.

This facial oil says it protects skin from daily aggressors and keep skin looking bright. Formulated with oils from ginger, sunflower, and tamanu, it’s supposed to keep skin looking energized all day.

The reason we look so tired at the end of a long day is, in part, because of all the external stressors and pollutants that our skin faces. Skin tends to look sallow, sunken in, and dull, which of course, exaggerates fine lines and wrinkles.

Since I do love a face oil, I started using this every morning in conjunction with my serum(s), under my moisturizer. After about two weeks, my skin was noticeably more even, it was brighter, and any dullness was gone.

Even after a long night of work where my face would sink due to fatigue and maybe a slight buzz, things still looked toned and tight. And I saw these differences when I wasn’t even looking for them, if that makes any sense.

This is now a product that I go back to every morning.

bareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer, $20.

Concealers aren’t part of my normal day to day, though they probably should be. I do love my YSL Touche Eclat pen, but I tend to use that to simply hide dark circles and brighten up under my eyes, which it does beautifully, but I don’t always think of it as an all around concealer. I wouldn’t use it to cover a blemish, know what I mean?

I think my aversion to concealers stems from the fact that I never really like the consistency. They’re either too hard or too thick, and I never feel like I’ve blended them well enough. I think what it comes down to is that I’m bad with them, and I don’t like not being the best. At everything.

While this is certainly not the first serum concealer on the market, I really like this one in particular because the consistency is, for me, just right. It’s thin enough so you’re able to use just a little and blend it out to make it look like you slept just a few more hours, or you can use it to really spot conceal if you’re skin is acting a fool. It’s made with light reflecting pigments to brighten, and antioxidants to hydrate your skin as you wear. Like everything from bareMinerals, it does double duty.

I used it under my eyes last night and, I swear to god, I looked like a completely different person, one that gets a full eight hours of sleep every night and/or has had substantial work done, both of which I aspire to be. I used it on a friend of mine last weekend because his skin had broken out, and with just a few little dots here and there, you could barely tell.

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, $32.

There are a billion brow sculpting products out there, and I’m about to tell you about another one. The new pencil from Hourglass is like the Rolls of brow products. The slanted, triangular tip makes filling in and sculpting your brows a breeze, the spoolie on the opposite end is great for combing and shaping, and the brown chrome barrel is gorgeous. I know you guys don’t buy brow products for what the applicator looks like, but I do.

The product itself is very dense, which allows you to softly fill and shape your brows without the fear of making them too severe, too soon. I’ve been filling in my brows almost daily lately, and I’ve been using and loving this one more and more. Personally, I prefer brow pencils over pomades and all that. Pomades are great, but unless I’m test driving a new product or something, I really prefer the ease and subtlety of a pencil.

The Hourglass Brow Sculpting Pencil is available in nine shades, so no matter how light or dark your brows are, there will be one that works for you.

What do you guys use to fill your brows? Are any of you Dipbrow girls? Show me in the comments. Also, how did you like the video? Should I never do one again? Probably so.

WHAT SHOULD I NAME THIS SERIES? Leaves suggestions in the comments and if you have one I really love I'll mail you a fragrance or a lock of my hair.