Try Out Poppy, Tangerine, Coral, Peach (or Any Other Word for ORANGE) Lips This Summer

Every few seasons, somebody remembers that there is such a thing as orange lipstick and all the magazines start trumpeting the "new orange lip trend."
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June 17, 2014
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I've long been disappointed with the limited palette of lipstick shades. I mean, it basically comes down to pink and red. A million shades of pink and red, but still just pink and red. Maybe if you're really wild, you can find a sort of purple shade. Oh, or you can get nude, I guess, which is essentially suppose to be the same color as your normal lips. With the neverending rainbow of shades we put on our eyelids, why are lipstick choices so same-y?

Then, every few seasons, somebody remembers that there is such a thing as orange lipstick and all the magazines start trumpeting the "new orange lip trend" even though, again, there's like three choices so we're bound to cycle through them all periodically. But since orange is one of my favorite colors, I'm happy to play along. So check out my picks for the HOT! NEW! BRAND NEW FOR THIS SEASON! ORANGE LIPSTICK TREND!

(I do think orange is especially nice in the summer, as it feels all citrusy and tropical.)

What you see in the top and bottom photos is the face of a woman who thought it would be a good idea to do a photo shoot after her son kept her up half the night. But that's OK, because orange lips are very distracting!

Make Up Forever Aqua Lip WaterproofLip Pencil, $19

So...these two are technically lip pencils that I just got confused by and used as lipstick. But once you open it, you'll understand why -- it's creamy, like a lipstick, not all dry and scrapey like a liner. The Sephora copy tells me it's due to a mixture of "vitamin E and jojoba wax." As far as I know there aren't any dire consequences of using a lip liner as a lipstick, but DON'T sue me if you sprout gills or something. You could always layer a gloss on top if it makes you feel better.

The top shade is "Orange Red" and the below shade is "Vintage Coral."

Sonya Kashuk Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, $7.59

For my next pick, I stretched out of my MAC-Nars-YSL comfort zone and got this shade at Target. (For the record, NARS has a pretty classic Orange called "Timanfaya.") But this $7.59 glide-on lip crayon is honestly almost as good. Can we take a second to talk about lip crayons? Now those are actually a new trend -- as in, popping up this season in a big way for the first time. Baze passed out a lot of these BITE Matte Lip Crayons and they are SO GOOD. The only problem with crayons is that I say the word itself in a weird Oklahoma way (more like "crown" than "cray-own") and people literally laugh in my face about it.

Topshop Lip Varnish in Fun and Games, $18

I'm a matte girl through and through, but here's something for the shiny, glossy folks. It even comes in a glossy tube with an applicator -- but it still delivers color, just with a glossy finish. And it's definitely orange.

The other thing all the magazines tell you about orange is that it's a "universally flattering lip color," which is a really weird thing to say because any color can be universally flattering if you have the whole spectrum of shades to choose from. There's an orange for everyone just like there's a pink for everyone. But it is true that orange, like any bright pop of color, can really brighten up your whole face.

Do you have a favorite orange lipstick, or are you like "Nah"? What's your favorite made-up beauty trend?