Here Are My 3 Favorite Blush Palettes, Because Eyeshadow Palettes Have Been Hogging the Spotlight

Because your eyelids can't have all the fun.
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June 1, 2016
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The biggest beauty items of every season are always eyeshadow palettes. Ever since the original Naked palette stole our hearts, brands will take any season, holiday, or collaboration as a reason to turn out a new set of limited edition shades. They’re easy to get excited about, but I wish that other products were met with such excitement because (to me, at least) shadow palettes are beginning to be a dime a dozen.

The palettes that I’m way more interested in are blush palettes, for many reasons. I usually keep it pretty simple with my eyes because I’m usually more focused on blush and lip colors, so I just throw on my favorite mascara, maybe a liner, and I’m good.

I feel like blush palettes are just more versatile. Whereas you might be stuck to one ~mood~ or family of shades with an eye palette, a blush palette will give you a bunch of different colors to fit whatever you’re going for, day or night. This frees up room in your makeup bag and makes them great for travel. Depending on which palette you choose, it could even hit you with a bronzing or contour shade.

Lucky for me, we’re beginning to see the release of an influx of blush palettes, so apparently I’m not the only one who sees the value in them. The Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection is one of the hottest items in beauty right now (the shades aren’t doing it for me personally, too gold, but it's fire nonetheless), the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani blush palette was a knockout, and I hope to see more products like it.

And we're starting to! LIKE THESE:

The Benefit Cheekathon Blush & Bronzer Palette

If you’re a fan of Benefit, you basically can’t afford not to buy this palette. Cheekathon is a box of five full size blushes, along with a brush and mirror to apply on the go. It’s all you need to add color and warmth to the face anywhere, anytime. Throw on your foundation of choice, and then bronze with Hoola, highlight with Rockateur, and blush with Dandelion. You’re good to go.

Full size Benefit blushes retail at $29, so you’re getting five for the price of two. I may have no concept of the value of a dollar but I think we can both agree that’s a value.

The downside of face palettes are that not all of the shades will be fit for every skin tone. The darker bronzing or contour shades, for instance, may not be flattering on everyone. Benefit's Hoola is known for being universally flattering...for white people (my go-to bronzer is actually a hair lighter than Hoola, but I can make it work with a light hand.)

Deeper skin tones may need to skip Hoola, but the four other shades play well with others.

Also, I know everyone loves Benefit's packaging, but, can I tell you a secret? For me, they're hit or miss. I love their blush, but I hate the "Box o' Powder Blush" packaging, and that does keep me from buying if I can find a similar color in a compact that doesn't give me blind rage. I like this palette because the pans are flush with the palette so you're not knocking your brush around while trying to pick up product. I know that's picky and specific, but hey, I'm writing about blush.

The Professional Blush Makeup Palette by OFRA Cosmetics

You really can’t sleep on OFRA, that’s a lesson I’ve learned recently. Their formulas are killer, their colors are nuanced and gorgeous, and a quick look around the site makes it clear that everything is created for people of all skin tones, which shouldn’t still be the exception to the rule in 2016, but it seems to be.

Just LOOK at those colors! That lavender! The dusty mauve! The rosey pink! And all of those deeper shades!

I know one dollar shy of eighty bucks is an investment, but you are going to get milage out of this palette. With all of those colors, it's still a small enough palette that you can travel with it easily and cut down on space in your carry on. Here's my iPhone for scale:

It's the size of a paperback.

And since no one reads books anymore, you already have room for this!

The blushes are saturated with color so a little bit goes a long way, so you won't hit pan on your favorite shade in a month. They blend beautifully and the color stays where you put it.

BY TERRY Sun Designer Palette

Look at that. This is one of two limited edition palettes that BY TERRY gave us this season, the other being a more shimmery, bronze collection, but come one. I had to call this one in.

Most of the six shades are matte, with the exception of a very fine shimmer in the darkest bronzer, but that didn't come through on the skin.

This is summer in a palette. It gives your face a warm glow that's effortless to pull off.

What I like about it is that you can drag your brush horizontally across the color you're trying to pick up, if you're only trying to grab the pink blush or creamy highlight, or you can swirl your brush around and blend the colors together to give the shades a bit more dimension.

These colors, the blushes especially, are pigmented. I barely had to touch my brush to the color and tap it onto my cheek for all the color I needed.

I'm not even really a bronzer guy. I wear it sometimes but I don't mind going without it. This one is a little warmer and more yellow than what I usually use, but I happen to really like it. I can lighten it a bit since the lightest shade is right next to it, so there won't be too much darkness anywhere I don't want it.

The warm bronze plus the fluorescent matte blushes give you a tanned, sun kissed face that, even with how bright those colors on the left are, still looks natural. This is definitely the palette I'll be taking with me when I travel this summer when I want to throw some color on my face while still keeping it casual.

What are your favorite blush palettes? I want to do an article on DIY palettes, but that's a can of worms that I'm not sure I'm ready to open. Let's talk down below.

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