12 Marvelous Mauve Lipsticks, Courtesy of My Mom

The best part? Almost all of them are from the drugstore -- and therefore less than $10 each.
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October 16, 2013
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I've mentioned previously that I am a huge mauve lipstick aficionado. It's all my mother's fault, I'll have you know. I made fun of her mauve obsession mercilessly in the past, as I always considered mauve lipsticks to be the domain of....well...old ladies. There was only red, hot pink, or nude lipsticks in my world.

Then I accidentally left my entire makeup bag in California on a trip home to Texas and was forced to make do with what my mom had to offer. Which, um, was a hell of a lot of mauve lipsticks.

I ended up pretty pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it, how flattering it was, and how it managed to go with whatever I happened to be wearing. Mauve just so happens to be the perfect cross between a totally vibrant lipstick shade and your own natural lip color.

After I posted about my love for mauve, a bunch of you wrote and asked me what my favorite mauve lipsticks were -- so I figured I'd go ahead and throw this question to the woman who carries 30 different mauve lipsticks everywhere she goes -- my mother, Jackie.

(That's no exaggeration, either -- there are CURRENTLY THIRTY DIFFERENT MAUVE LIPSTICKS IN HER MAKEUP BAG. And even more in her bathroom at home!)

I swear my mom is actually a normal, well-adjusted person who does other things in life besides buy mauve lipsticks. She's been an educator in my hometown in Texas for over 35 years. When I was visiting last week, we went out to dinner -- which is a hilarious experience, as there is hardly a human being within a 15 mile radius who wasn't her student at one time. They all stop by the table to "kiss the ring" as if she's Don Corleone in The Godfather. You've never heard so many grown men and women saying "Yes Ma'am, no Ma'am" in your life!

To me, a mauve lipstick is any pinky-purple hue that veers towards brown tones. It's a universally flattering range of shades that looks good on a ridiculous variety of skin tones.

The mauve lipsticks my mom favors are of the long-wear variety. As she puts it: "I don't have time to be reapplying my lipstick every two hours!" I couldn't agree more.

My mom's two fave mauve lipsticks are both these Revlon Colorstay "Ultimate Suede" ones. The "suede" obviously refers to the matte-ness of the formulation, and I found them to have great staying powder without drying my lips totally out. (They are also currently buy one, get one half-off at Drugstore.com.)

A good trick for long-wearing formulas that have a tendency to flake and be too dry is to first apply a bit of your favorite lip balm, allow it to sink in for a few minutes, and then blot it off with a tissue before applying your lipstick. It makes a world of difference!

We actually both bought this Nars one last time she came to visit me in LA -- it's that good! It's not particularly long wearing, but it's an intensely flattering shade of sheer berry/mauve that gets darker the more you layer it on.

I personally own a good number of these Maybelline 14-Hour lipsticks, and they come pretty close to staying on for a good 8 hours. That does include coffee drinking and dog smooching, so those of you who sit perfectly still at your desks like supermodels may in fact get the full 14 hours of promised wear.

I love the look of glosses but can never get past the super-sticky factor. Revlon's liquid lipcolor comes with a clear gloss that you can choose to use or not. (I use it when it's not windy out and I can be sure my hair won't be sticking to my lips!) This "Unlimited Mulberry" color is the exact definition of "perfect mauve".

Clinique's lipsticks have surprising staying power for how moisturizing they are. It's usually a trade-off between the two, but Clinique manages to deliver on both counts.

My mom and I actually have way different tastes in mauve lipsticks -- (she veers towards pinky browns while I favor purplish ones) but we agree whole-heartedly about Avon's Extra Lasting lipstick in "Totally Twig". It's hands down THE BEST matte pinky-brown mauve lipstick to ever exist -- and it stays put ALL DAY LONG. If you buy a lipstick from this post, it should be this one.

The mauve lipsticks I wear on a daily basis all happen to be part of L'oreal's Colour Riche line. The formulation stays on for about four hours and doesn't dry my lips out at all. While writing this post, I sadly discovered that two of my most beloved shades are actually discontinued! Luckily, I found them both still for sale at Overstock Cosmetics.

#531, "The Color of Hope" is a perfect peachy-brown.

#710, "Mulberry", is the perfect purple-pink mauve that benefits from a dash of brown, keeping it from getting too sweet-looking. This is mauve's main selling point -- it manages to somehow be all things to all people, all the time.

#840, "Nature's Blush" is a slightly darker shade that veers towards terra-cotta.

It's downright crazy how much different it looks on your lips, though!

This Josie Maran "Rosey" color stick came free with a purchase of her argan oil from QVC.com, and it's become my go-to cosmetic to keep in my desk drawer. You can use it as a blush or a lipstick -- which is handy when you've been at work for hours (looking like death) and suddenly get word that your boss is en route to your office. A few swipes of this argan oil infused, uber-emollient stick brings your face right back to life.

I bought this Christian Dior mauve lipstick in an airport duty free shop as a little pick-me-up for my grandma Lola while she was battling cancer. Dior's lipsticks do not disappoint -- they go on smooth as silk and are crazy shiny.

I found it on her nightstand after she died and brought it home with me. My grandma was a big fan of little luxuries --with 6 kids, they were the only luxuries she could manage sometimes! I take after her in that way -- I always reach for a fancy lipstick when I'm feeling down or blue. It's a tiny reminder that life can be fabulous, even if it's only for a fleeting moment.

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