Three NEW Liquid Lipsticks To Get You Through New Year's Eve

These liquids give you full coverage in one pass and last all night through drinking, eating, and kissing (or just the drinking, whatever).
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December 31, 2015
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New Year's Eve is almost upon us. Yay!

Actually, I'm dreading the amateur hour that is New Year's Eve but the idea is still cute and I support whatever makes you happy. Throw on that sequined mini dress and have at it. The world is yours.

Also, I'm down for any occasion that encourages everyone to get glammed up. I don't think we should be waiting around for the holidays and New Year's Eve to go for it with glittery beauty looks but I'm not gonna climb up on that soap box right now because I have a word count to adhere to (LOL, since when.)

If I'm going to wear a lip color, it's most likely going to be a matte liquid lipstick. I love the pigmentation, I love the precision, and I love the stay power. My favorite liquids give you full coverage in one pass and last all night through drinking, eating, and your New Year's Eve kiss.

I know that not all of you are huge fans of liquid mattes because many formulas often tend to be drying or feathery. Personally, I'll take any drying effect in exchange for my lips looking perfect all night, but for a lot of you, comfort is more important than color and that's fine too. Three new color formulas are on their way out with finishes ranging from beautiful mattes to soft satins, so no matter what look and feel you prefer, one of these will be the perfect liquid lip for you.

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks, $20, available January 7th.

I am over the moon about getting my hands on these and you will be too in just a few short weeks. They took everything I love about liquid mattes and everything that you weren't getting from any other formula, and created a really fantastic liquid lipstick. From pigmentation, to finish, feel, and wear, these are great additions to MAC's lip collection. A permanent addition, I might add.

The liquid lipstick itself is light with quite a bit of body to it, not thin like most, or runny, like some. I'd almost call it a mousse texture, and the only thing I've tried that feels similar to it is the Kylie Lip Kit, but we'll get to that later. They wear very comfortably on the lips all day, are soft and flexible, aren't drying, and have almost a powdery matte finish, like you set the color with a pigment of the same shade.

The collection will have fifteen colors in all including reds, pinks, light beige-nudes, and purples.

Here I'm wearing Rich & Restless, a color I thought I was going to haaate, but I ended up actually really loving.

We find Rich & Restless somewhere between salmon and coral.

I didn't think I'd be about this shade at all because I'm really not down with orange tones, but I legit really liked this color. I think I forget that some soft oranges are a nice compliment to lavender hair.

Next we have Dance With Me, a deep red.

Personally, I'm not a fan of red lips, but I LOVE this color.

The formula of Dance with me is a little bit less opaque on first pass than the the coral before, but it almost looks like a really rich lip stain if you don't layer it. It becomes opaque in two passes though.

I'm actually alarmed by how much I love this red lip. What is happening to me?

Finally, we have Recollection.

Recollection is another addictive purple from MAC. This one also takes two passes to reach opacity, and may benefit from the use of a liner, but it isn't totally necessary.

Since you're all going to wonder, here is Recollection swatched side-by-side with Heroine.

If you were to call Recollection the liquified version of Heroine, you wouldn't be totally wrong. They're not identical, but they're not far off.

I'm thrilled that MAC is releasing such a strong liquid, and can't wait for them to come out with more shades.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor, $7.49.

I know that not everyone likes liquid matte lipsticks simply because they don't like the ultra matte finish, preferring something softer with more dimension, or maybe just a little less dramatic. I get it. I was getting ready to go to a party on Saturday and I threw on my current favorite liquid matte, and sort of second guessed it, like "Do I really need to be putting it up this hard tonight?" A totally matted out lip isn't always the most natural looking thing. I still went out in it but you get what I'm saying.

Any-fucking-way, if you're not into a matte lip that looks precise enough to cut glass, Revlon's new matte lip color is a great option for you.

In terms of matte lips, I wouldn't even call these mattes. See?

That's almost more of a cream finish, satin at best.

So maybe the name could be more fitting, but this formula is great! It feels almost like a gloss on the lips, movable and bouncy without any stickiness that usually comes with glosses. You get a lot of color payoff from the jump, and it's buildable for more color or intensity.

These are so comfy that I forgot I was wearing them throughout the day. The only downside is that, since they're not super matte, they're not going to lock in place so you're gonna see them transfer a bit onto your champagne glass or your boyfriend or whatever it is you're putting your mouth on these days.

I feel like the colors, currently eight in all, are really thought out and beautiful. Above, I'm wearing "HD Addiction." While this isn't the formula that I, Tynan Sinks, lover of all dramatic beauty looks, would reach for when wanting to rock A LIP, I have to admit that it's a great, versatile product, great for every day.

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks, $7.99.

After nagging the Maybelline publicist for these for at least a year, they're finally being released and I can tell you guys about them.

They're dropping as we speak and I couldn't be happier. I love them, but they're not perfect. The formula is lightweight, almost whipped, feels nice on the lips and is definitely not drying in the least.

They're very pigmented but still let light in and bounce it around, instead of being completely impenetrable, like a truly 100% matte lipstick. This is another formula I'd think twice about calling a matte.

The one big downside is that they never really set and are very transferrable. Color isn't exactly going to leave your lips on your first sip of coffee. It actually does a pretty good job of staying on the lips, while getting on everything else.

If I know I'm not going to be kissing anyone or eating anything for a few hours, I'd wouldn't hesitate to wear these, but for my lifestyle, I can't use these as my go-to.

Wait, "my lifestyle." Did that sound weird? I just meant I drink a lot.

The color range, ten in all, is really exciting. Reds, HOT pinks, blushy roses, and those two witchy colors up above. Thank god drugstore brands are finally doing cool shit.

This is Nude Flush.

In the tube, I am selling my soul to this color. It never really clung to my lips, though. You could clearly see my lip line through the lipstick.


I put some foundation around the edges of my lips and lined it with a beige liner, then reapplied.

Better, but I would have preferred if the lighter colors could hold their own. I usually end up lining lighter colors anyway so maybe I'm just bitching.

The standouts of the Vivid Mattes are the brights, and they're going to be great for the summer months when you need bright colors from light products that feel good all day.

Do you have any favorite liquid lipsticks? What are you doing New Year's Eve? Tell em everything in the comments!

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