Everyone Keeps Asking Me About Eye Creams So These Are The Ones I Can't Live Without

I’ve got dark circles and bags for days, but you didn't know that did you?
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January 19, 2016
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People ask me a lot of the same beauty questions over and over (which is great! I’m happy to help). At least once a week, I hear “You need to find me a foundation.”

No, you need to find you a foundation. There’s a ton of work that goes into finding the perfect base, a lot of which has to be done by that person actually wearing it, as crazy as that sounds. What type of skin to you have? What kind of coverage are you looking for? What’s your lifestyle like? I can guide you, but I can’t give you the perfect one size fits all foundation because it just doesn’t exist. If it did, I’d probably be out of a job and then what would you do?

Another one is “You need to find my boyfriend a fragrance.” Girl, no, ew, just dump him it’s so much easier.

But the one question I get from women and men equally, and probably the most, is about eye cream. This one is a little bit easier. I can’t sit here and say I’ve tried each and every one them, after all, it’s not liquid lipstick or mascara we’re talking about. But they have been an essential part of my daily routine for years because I’ve got dark circles and bags for days.

Part of this is genetic, part of it is due to my schedule and lifestyle, which is usually the case for everyone. Thing is, using these eye creams daily has helped really tone down dark circles and puffiness. After everything I’ve tried, these are the ones I love and the ones I keep going back to.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Heavy Lifting Eye Repair

Technically this is a "men’s" product, but ignore that. Ignore everything you hear about gender and beauty, or gender in general.

I’ve been using this for a handful of years and I always go back to it, I travel with it, and it’s one of the only products that I consistently use until it’s gone, and then replace. A huge perk of being a beauty writer is always having an excuse to try new products, but when you find something that really works, you stick with it.

It’s made with vitamin C which is so incredibly good for your skin because it brightens and minimizes signs of aging. No matter what my skincare regime looks like at any given moment, I always try to include some type of product that contains vitamin C. Linseed extract is packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin b, protein, and zinc, which all have noted anti-aging properties to reduce wrinkles and increase skin’s firmness. Caffeine stimulates blood flow, which helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

The first time I applied this, the skin under my eyes instantly felt "energized." You really can feel it working. If we’re talking about measurable differences, you’re going to find it with Kiehl’s Heavy Lifting Cream. Its pairing of anti-aging and energizing benefits make it a one-two punch to really energize your eyes and make you look more rested.

This is what I use when I’m looking extra haggard and need to juice up my face and make myself look more alert. This Heavy Lifting cream is a great mix of short and long term benefits, so you’ll look as good years from now as you do today.

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Eye Contour Cream

This is an anti-aging heavy hitter. It attacks signs of aging from all sides and visibly improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles. This is a holy grail product for a lot of people because it significantly slows signs of aging with continued wear.

The Shiseido labs identified the enzyme in skin that induces wrinkles as Heparanase and formulated an eye cream that includes plant extracts that effectively counteract its effect on skin and LITERALLY stop wrinkles from forming. It also includes algae extracts that are rich in protein to help build and strengthen the fragile under eye skin, as well as burnet root extract to lift skin and counteract loss of firmness.

This cream is intensely hydrating, but not sticky, so it’s as great for these cold winter months as it is for the dead of summer. It’s thick, rich, and feels great on your skin while moisturizing and softening the appearance of wrinkles.

I use the Kiehl's cream I talked about when I need under eye moisture plus a little kick in the ass (read: eyes). I switch it out for this one on the regular because I know it’s going to give me really great results in the long run.

Before you get mad: Is $55 a lot for an eye cream? I don’t know, what’s it worth to you? I always say you should invest in the parts of your skincare and beauty regime that you care most about. Maybe that’s a great foundation or a hair product that you can’t live without.

Or maybe that’s your eye cream. If it is, pick this up. ALSO keep in mind that even though you’re using this every day, you’re using a very small amount, so it’s going to last you a long time. I’d say that most of my eye creams, used at least one a day, have lasted me five to six months on average. Personally, I’d bite the bullet and drop $55 on this twice a year. That’s fine if you disagree! That’s why we have a comment section.

My dad asked me to pick him out an eye cream about a month ago and I wanted to get him something really nice without stepping into La Mer territory just in case he drops the jar on the ground and shattered it (like father, like son) so I got him this. And they say we have nothing in common.

Garnier Miracle Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel-Cream

This is the perfect mix of my two favorite things: a drugstore product and a night cream!

This is another product I’ve been using for a while and never want to be without. Everyone should be using a night cream and, honestly, you really have no excuse not to. You’re not doing anything else. You’re sleeping. Your skin cells regenerate faster when you’re sleeping and your skin also absorbs product better, so it’s a really great time to pay special attention and make sure you’re taking care of your skin.

Garnier’s Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel's combination of hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and essential oils plump and energize skin while you sleep so you can wake up looking…well, you get the point. You’re going to look better and more well rested. I much prefer face products in gel form almost all year, though in these colder temperatures, anything goes. The gel is thick but not sticky, goes on smooth and dries quickly so your face won’t be sticking to your pillow.

There are a lot of great eye creams in the drugstore and this one might be overlooked because it’s meant for night. Don’t skip this it.

What eye creams do you use? What are the skincare products you really can't live without? What beauty questions can I help answer? Let's chat in the comments.