There is a lot of talk as to whether or not us xoJaners should be embarrassed later in life by what we post here. So is this the right time to admit that I use 4 separate hairbrushes every single morning?
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April 15, 2013
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Hot on the heels of my recent amazing breakthrough about the quality of the water I’ve been washing my hair with, I’ve found some great drugstore priced hair-care tools that have changed the condition of my hair for the better, possibly forever.

I have absolutely zero cosmetic aptitude, so to make up for my lack of this crucial girl skill, I am unhealthily obsessed with my hair.

I've stared practicing my cat eye after Dita Von Teese mentioned that practice makes perfect, but really, I don't have the time to practice my eyeliner skills daily when I am currently using a total of 4 separate hairbrushes on my hair every single morning. I'm like Zoe with her 5,927 blenders -- I am a hairbrush justifier. Here's my current routine:

The minute I step out of the shower, I lightly spray my hair with some sort of detangler or leave-in conditioner. Then I go to work getting the knots out with the brilliant Wet Brush.

The Wet Brush has truly saved my hair. I used to drag my beloved Denman nylon paddle brush through my snarled wet hair in an attempt to detangle it straight out of the shower, pulling a great deal of it out in the process. The Wet Brush really is revolutionary -- the bristles bend instead of pull, eliminating the tearing and ripping out of your hair.

If you can get past the fact that their logo looks like it belongs on the cover of a porno movie, it's a brilliant product.

You can purchase the Wet Brush either through their site for $15.00 (it comes with a bonus mini Wet Brush) or on Drugstore.com for $14.00. I also found it for sale at Folica.com, (a sick, sick, amazingly sick all hair care website) for only 8.99! I'm not so sure it is actually authorized for sale at my neighborhood pharmacia, which is where I bought mine for a mere $8.50. I'm just saying: KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED FOR A DEAL!

Once my hair is properly detangled, I move onto the blow-drying phase. I LOVE BLOW DRYING MY HAIR. I think I am on record about this. The first rule of blow drying is: brush your hair with the Goody Microfiber QuickStyling Brush.

It's a hairbrush with a microfiber towel embedded in it, so it soaks up water and dries your hair in 1/4 of the time it would take if you were using a regular old hairbrush. This cuts your blow drying time down to almost nothing. For the record, this is my second hairbrush of the day. It's not even 8 am yet.

Once I have my hair to the conversion point (the moment where it is still slightly wet but mostly dry), I hit it with my trusty Denman brush to properly style it. This is what the Denman was born for -- snap crackle pop brilliant styling of dried hair. It blows every drugstore hairbrush out of the water for about 15 bucks.

I flatten my flyaways with a bit of Tancho Stick, and then give it a final vigorous brushing with a 100% boar bristle Mason Pearson hairbrush to amp up the shiny. This concludes the 4-hairbrush procedure, and it's time to get into my goofy electric car and drive to work.

On days when I am too lazy to wash my hair, I circumvent the 4-hairbrush process by putting the whole shebang up in a ponytail or bun of some sort. I started using these silicone rubber "Evolution" ponytail holders made by Scunci -- those of you with exceedingly thick or curly hair may not be so smitten with these ponys, but I LOVE THEM.

My hair is very fine and slippery -- it has a tendency to fall out of every ponytail holder unless I wind it so tightly that it gives me a headache. These Scunci silicone jelly hairbands have the perfect amount of grip. I also feel like regular ponytail holders get all sweaty and dirty. I've rinsed these jelly ones and actual dirty water has run off of them! Maybe I'm just a piglet.

I sometimes put my hair up using my Whirl-A-Style -- it's this odd piece of soft, pliable plastic that you can use to make literally 500 different types of updos without a bunch of hairpins.

Lots of dancers and gymnasts use them, and I see why. You can even sleep in it without pain. I have to put my hair up at night, otherwise it fans out everywhere, practically strangling me. I wake up in the middle of the night feeling like Shelley Winters in "The Night of the Hunter."

I love the way my hair looks when I put a jaw clip under my ponytail to spike it up. It gives my flat-ass hair a little extra zazz. But I am prone to laying flat on the floor when I am stressed out at work, and a regular jaw clip always digs into the back of my head, messing up my style. Now I buy and hoard these Scunci "Linziclips," because they have a flat back, negating the problem. I've slept in these too -- they are pretty comfortable.

Another great way to oopmh up a ponytail is with the clever Goody Pony Pouf. It creates an instant volumized ponytail, and it's only $6.50.

The pony pouf is a jaw clip that has little tracks at the top that you work your ponytail into, which gives it volume and life.

Don't despair -- this 1,000-word hair tools opus is almost over. My last (and most favorite) hair tool is my Crush mini flat iron. My hair is of course naturally stick straight, except for one annoying cowlick right at the center of my forehead. I hate it so much -- I am OBSESSED with hiding it and/or working it into my part.

I have to flat iron just that one eensy-weensy bit every single morning. I had been using a full sized regular flat iron and constantly burning my forehead. Then someone turned me on to the Crush mini flat iron! It fits in the palm of your hand, weighs absolutely nothing, and works like a dream. It's great for people who only flat iron their bangs or some other small unruly part of their hair. It comes in a zillion colors but I of course got pink.

I love mine so much that when I dropped it on the tile floor and broke the protective plastic off the heat plates, I still used it -- I just wore an oven mitt to do my hair. Sorry, no photo available of that debacle.

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