Look Hot, Save Animals: Cruelty-Free Beauty That Doesn't Suck

You can still look cute without burning the eyes of a bunny.

I love animals, and I try my best to buy cruelty-free products, but I'm certainly no angel (I know, I suck, and I also eat at McDonald's way too often, too). Maybe someday I'll have a completely purified make-up bag and medicine cabinet, but in the meantime, you, dear xoJaners, are going to have to live a cruelty-free life for me. I know a few of you were bemoaning the lack of decent, cruelty-free products out there seeing as quite a few companies have lost their no-pain-for-baby-bunnies certification recently, but I assure you, there are still SO MANY products out there that are amazingAND don't use animal testing in the making of their products. Don't believe me? Read on and you be the judge. I would never lead you guys astray though, trust me. I know a great product when I meet it.


Tarte emphasEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Pencil ($19.50, tartecosmetics.com)

I love me a great brow product, and this one does not disappoint. It has a super-fine tip that allows for sketching out individual "hairs" to create a natural and yet very precise look, and has a spoolie brush on the other end for proper grooming.

Urban Decay Eye shadow ($18, urbandecay.com)

After a bunch of hullaballoo involving Urban Decay's decision to sell in China and thus, submit to the country's animal testing policies, the company backed out to the relief of their fans and restored their status as a cruelty-free company. Their eye shadows are so popular for a reason -- what you see in the pan is the color you see on your eyes. The shadows are boldly pigmented and go on so smooth which makes blending super-easy. I particularly like to layer Half Baked, a burnished gold, over Mushroom, a shimmery medium grey-taupe, for a mixed metal smoky eye. So sexy.

Lush Emotional Brilliance Liquid Eyeliner ($22.95, lush.com)

I previously wrote about these and I'm still obsessed. The range of colors is to die for, whether you're looking for neutrals or brights, and the formula lasts all day. Try Calm, a swimming-pool-hued turquoise to brighten things up, or Independent for a straight-up jet black perfect for cat eyes. The lip colors from this line are also worth a mention: great colors, moisturizing and yet long wearing.


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar ($15, occmakeup.com)

You want pigmented lip color, look no further than OCC's lip tars. Just a tiny droplet applied with a lip brush will coat your whole lips with bright, bold color that lasts all day without fading or drying out. The cultish brand is coming to Sephora this fall to, so getting your cruelty-free lip fix will be even easier. I'm particularly enamored with the shade Grandma, a delightfully named flashy coral.

Stila Lip Glaze ($22, stilacosmetics.com)

This classic twist, click, brush-on gloss comes in a variety of shiny, not-sticky shades, and their similarly packaged lip stains are also killer.


Tarte Cheek Stain ($30, tartecosmetics.com)

Another product from Tarte, I have been obsessed with this gel-based cheek stain for literally years. I love gel and cream formulas of blush because I think they give a much more natural, "from-within" flush, like you've just gone for a run or had a very intense romance session (I realize the term "romance session" makes me sound 90, and I don't care). Natural Beauty is a great everyday shade of deep berry that goes on sheer and will make you look positively perky.

Too Faced Bronzers ($15-$30, toofaced.com)

If you're looking for a cruelty-free glow, look no further than Too Faced. The company sells a variety of bronzers that range from light to dark, matte to shimmery, and everything in between to give you contoured cheekbones or a just-back-from-vacation look. Apply them with the company's adorably named "teddy bear hair" brushes and you're good to go.

Clarins Instant Light Brush-On Perfector ($32.50, clarinsusa.com)

Yes, Clarins, the ever-so-chic French brand, is cruelty-free. This brush-on highlighting concealer brightens up under eye circles and conceals perfections, with nary a bunny harmed.

That's just a couple to get you started. Let me know which cruelty-free products are your favorites. Also, show me pictures of your favorite animals. My favorite animals are dogs, bears, and pygmy goats, but I'm not really picky. I love all of God's creatures except for cockroaches and violent seagulls.

Here are some adorable baby polar bears: