Here Are My Favorite Boys to Show You My Favorite Spring Coral Lip Colors

Yes, your internet boyfriend is finally back (and wearing coral lipstick). You're welcome.
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March 25, 2016
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Spring is here and it's time to break out your pastels. Just when you've had it with dark lips, dark nails, and smokey eyes, the weather begins to thaw and gives you the perfect excuse to bring back your soft colors once again. Not that you need an excuse — pastels are part of my routine year round — but they never feel better than when Spring is finally in the air. Or whatever.

Since the beginning of 2016, I've been trying to incorporate shades that I'd normally stay away from, because there's no reason to stay away from great color, you know? The one shade that I always avoid is coral, especially anywhere on my face. I've always been apprehensive to use anything that leans orange on my face, because I never thought it would be all that complimentary to my pasty olive skin. But then again, my hair is green, so I'm basically clashing with everything right now.

I sourced a bunch of coral lip colors, and today I bring you a range of tones and intensities. Whether you're down for a true, bright coral, one that incorporates more pink, or a more subdued version of the shade, there is something here for everyone.

Every time I do a lip article, I always try to shoot as many colors on other people as I can, because even I get sick of my own stupid face, so I can't imagine how you guys feel. This time around, I grabbed all of by best boys for this article.

Now, I didn't want to do a "boys wearing lipstick" article for the sake of being ironic, because there are a lot of guys who wear lipstick because they like it, including the one writing this, so I'm not about to make a joke out of it.

I also recently learned that there are some people that are still made sick by the sight of a man in lipstick. "It's not a gender thing! It's just that your beard will mess it up." Oh really? You didn't think that I realized that? Having a beard and all? You can tell yourself whatever you need in order to sleep at night, but make no mistake, it's a gender thing.

But this article isn't a response, because I don't actually care and I have better things to do. This is just how I wanted to showcase these lip colors, and, as always, I'm doing whatever the hell I want. SO, for those of you who don't live in the fucking stone age, may I present to you, all my besties in my favorite coral lip colors.

Melted Melon by Too Faced

This new addition to the Melted line couldn't come at a better time, for spring, or this article!

The Melted line never disappoints. Sometimes I'm apprehensive to wear it because it never truly sets, so it's going to transfer, which is something you have to keep in mind. A lot of liquids do, though, and Melted never claims that it doesn't.

Here's Travis wearing Melted Melon.

Yes, your internet boyfriend is finally back. You're welcome.

That color, though. It's a little more orange and a little less pink than the tube will lead you to believe, but it's still irresistible. It's bright, and just warm enough to make it wearable, day or night. The liquid lipstick is soft and very smooth, never sticky or tacky, so it stays comfortable all day.

It doesn't take much to reach opacity, and it resists fading throughout the day so you won't have to worry about touching it up once every hour.

The Melted collection is so rich that it pops off of any skin tone. Line it with a similar color, and you'll be good to go with a bold, bright lip for hours on end.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Greta

God bless NARS for their Audacious Lipstick. I know it's no longer new and we've all been on it for a grip, but damn, a good product is a good product and always worth going back to.

Corals that lean pink are my absolute favorite. You can get away with anything if you add a little pink, you know?

That color, right?? It's a gorgeous watermelon flamingo Miami fantasy that I am totally signed on for. I find pink-corals to be more wearable all around, and so juicy and summery. Greta gets it so right.

Tucker seems to think so.

Greta is probably as pink as you can go while still being noticeably coral.

If you've ever worn an Audacious Lipstick before, they are well worth the leap of faith and minor investment. They're buttery smooth (I hate describing products as "buttery," gross. Also, I'm lactose intolerant.) packed with pigment, the coverage is some of the best you're going to get, and they wear like they know what they're doing.

A lot of you know how I feel about red lips, in that, I don't. I think a really bold version of any other color is such a fresh spin on the classic red lip and not enough of us are taking advantage of that. Let's do that this Spring, deal?

Shocking Coral by Maybelline

Another great coral-pink is Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipstick in Shocking Coral.

We're all down with Maybelline's Color Sensational lipsticks, right? Okay good.

The always-growing collection of shades never disappoints. They're creamy and easy to work with, and can take you from a sheer wash of color to a high drama lip with just a few passes.

They're easy to wear, they feel great, and they're long lasting. Drugstore or not, they're a solid product that I never feel bad about impulse buying. I've never experienced buyer's remorse and I'm sure as hell not going to start with a great lipstick. Life is too short.

Shocking Coral is a little more orange that Greta, but they're both amazing hot pink-corals to get you through spring and summer.

Cake by ColourPop

Cake is a beautiful creamy coral that can be built from subtlety to full coverage. It was a little light for my tastes to start, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. Brian liked it, too.

Sorry this photo is a little blurry. I couldn't get Brian to stand still because his body is riddled with black market diet pills.

ColourPop Lippie Stix always make me want to start wearing more non-liquid lipsticks, because I always forget how cooperative they can be. Cake has a satin finish that feels great on the lips for hours, and the creamy texture never gets patchy or dries your lips out.

The downside? From the time I sourced this lipstick to when I shot it over the weekend, they discontinued to color. JUST MY LUCK. I thought about chopping this one altogether but I'll always take an opportunity to shout out the awesomeness that is ColourPop. That, and Brian would have never spoken to me again.

Don't worry, because I have a color that's not a ~dupe~ but is scary similar...

Panama Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick by OFRA Cosmetics

Speaking of me branching out from liquid lipsticks, have you tried OFRA's liquid lipsticks? THEY'RE GOOD.

Liquid lipsticks, as a whole, are getting better, but it's still no surprise when they come up short. I was trying to track down this shade in particular, and OFRA was nice enough to send me a ton of their liquids, and damn, you guys.

They've got a mousse-like texture, and melt down onto your lips feeling like there's nothing there at all. I found that they don't ever dry entirely, but they dry down to probably 95% and stay where you put them for hours. They're not transfer-proof, either, you'll leave a hint of a lip print on your man's body (see above) but even that won't remove the color from your lips, it'll just leave it on his.

Most of the lipsticks have a matte to satin finish, and are not drying. Panama is a tiny bit pinker than Cake, and, is a near perfect dupe for Jeffree Star's 714, which was limited edition (but there are rumblings of it being brought back) but this one will get you through in the meantime.

My favorite OFRA shade, Pasadena, is a taupey-rose that is somehow almost the exact color of my natural lips? I don't know. I'll write about it or put it on Instagram or something, since my Instagram has basically become a lipstick account anyway.

Crosswires by MAC

If you're not already buying MAC lipsticks, there is nothing I can do for you. They come in approximately five million shades and finishes and they're seventeen dollars. What more do you people want from me?

So I have to say straight out that the irl shade on the bullet is a little less poppy and coral-y than it looks in the photo above, so if you're reading this article thinking "none of these shades are wearable, this guys sucks" than THIS IS THE SHADE FOR YOU.

Crosswires, to me, is a little bit more of a grown up coral, for when you have to tone it down for the office but you still want them to know that you came to fuck shit up.

Remember when Kat Von D, after the huge success of Lolita, released Lolita 2, and kept using "terra cotta" as a descriptor? It's like that, coral, with a bit of terra cotta. It's a Creme-sheen finish, so it can be more on the sheer side if you're just looking for a bit of color, or can be built up for a more opaque, warm coral lip.

The Creme-sheen finish has as a good amount of slip but never gets clingy or tacky, and will keep your lips feeling soft throughout the day.

Are you a fan of coral? What is your go-to spring lip color? Show me in the comments below!

Tynan is wearing coral on Twitter @TynanBuck