Tynan and His Attractive Friends Review Fall's Wildest Lip Colors (Blues! Greens! Grays!)

What am I supposed to do with a red lip, you know?
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October 28, 2015
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I never thought I would see the day when I could walk my ass into Sephora and leave with lip colors outside the usual red, orange, pink and plum spectrum.

It’s not that those colors aren’t great, but there was a hole in the market. People wanted to pay good money for different, exciting shades, but no one wanted to make them for us. The big guys just don't know what's good for them, man! I swear to god.

If you wanted a wild color that was better than Halloween superstore quality, you had to resort to smaller indie brands to get the bright colors we craved.

Now, supporting smaller beauty brands is GREAT, but there’s something to be said about getting a bizarre color in a tried and true formula that you love, or just stumbling across one in the mall. Half the fun of these shades is in the discovering.

But things are changing, and fast. This fall, we’re seeing blues, greens, violets, grays, and blacks becoming more accessible than ever before! I am so, so excited about that. Thanks to my obsessive personality that you all hate, I wanted to get my hands on all of them and show you guys what’s in store for us this fall.

Let’s jump right into it.


Let's start this off with my muse, Rian, showing off what is one of my very favorite liquid lipsticks, Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Echo, $20.

Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick sets the standard for how I like my liquids: pigmented, matte, and immovable.

They stay through dinners, drinks, shots, make outs, and sex, depending on the sex. They're comfortable, they don't dry, crack, or feather, and they stay where you put them.

Echo is a very dark navy blue that could almost take the place of your favorite blackened red. It's blue, for sure, but it's not too in your face. It's a sophisticated color that's surprisingly wearable.

While we're on darker blues, let's talk about Disciple by Illamasqua, $26.

My friends and I were at brunch a few weeks ago (beers at 6:30pm on a Sunday. "Brunch.") and started talking about which one of us was the hottest of our friend group. I sat there, beaming, because the answer was obvious: me.

Everyone, almost in unison, answered "Bonus."

I wasn't offended, because it was clearly their attempt to spare his feelings and make him feel loved even though it is all too clear that I am the standout hottie.

Anyway, Bonus said he wanted to be a part of the shoot, wearing "something that brought out my blue eyes." I was like, obviously, I'm not fucking new at this. It had to be blue. So I grabbed a dark blue, Disciple, and put it on this unsightly troll.

It's a very dark blue that almost reads black. I like it more, the more I look at it.

(Also I opted not to line any of these shades so you can get a better idea of the coverage and opacity of each of each of the products when worn alone.)

Even MAC wanted in on the fun! Thank god.

Jensine is wearing Matte Royal, a matte royal blue, $17.

I guess I don't really need to tell you about MAC lipsticks, we all know they're quality. The end. And now we can get it in blue! I am so. happy.

Did you guys know that ColourPop is doing a line of liquid mattes?


Dana is wearing Jellies Ultra Matte Lip by ColourPop, $6.

They're crazy pigmented, super bright, light on the lips, and dry down to feel like velvet, like you're wearing nothing at all.

The color paired with the formula for just six dollars is what we call a game changer.

That's not ColourPop's only blue, though. Care for a bright turquoise? Chauncey is gonna give it to you.

Chauncey is wearing Mr. Blonde Ultra Matte Lip by ColourPop, $6.

I thought that this light, bright blue wasn't going to make it into the final piece, but then I got a damn clue.

How about some greens? Yes, green lips. I promise.


Ashton is wearing Kat Von D's Studded Kiss Lipstick in Plan 9, $21.

Plan 9 is a true kelly green with just a bit of shimmer.

It goes on smooth and reaches opacity in just a couple of passes. xoJane's very own Marianne Kirby is a big fan of Kat's Studded Kiss collection. The variety of colors and finishes really make these lipsticks standout. From mattes to iridescents to shimmers, you've got a ton of choices.

That green, though.

Above, Jensine is wearing my favorite green of the bunch, Dr. M Ultra Matte Lip by ColourPop, $6.

I am in love with this damn color. The deep emerald green paired with the velvety matte finish make this a truly beautiful matte lip. It's mesmerizing and surprisingly wearable. Jensine liked Dr. M so much that she took it home from the shoot and wore it out that weekend!

Rian is wearing Illamasqua's Apocalips, a muted teal green with a matte finish.

Apocalips is on the softer side and leans more blue than the others, making it a great option if you're looking for a jewel-toned lip this fall that's not just straight green.


This winter, there's an underground indie film coming out that I'm sure almost none of you have heard of, it's called Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Although we've seen absolutely no promotion or merchandising for this art house film, Covergirl decided to do a Star Wars collection this fall. How cool of them!

My favorite piece of the collection is Silver 10, $6.99.

Here's a close up of Silver 10 on my ugly friend Bonus:

I loaded him up with a few coats, but we were never able to reach opacity. Silver 10 isn't gonna give you full, chromed-out lips, but it will give you a delightful icy sheen that you can do a ton with. Wear it alone! Throw it over another lip color! Mix it! This is what makes beauty so fun.

That stunning though vacant blue-haired guy above is wearing Posture by Illamasqua, $26.

Hmm, right? Posture is kind of silver, kind of lavender, kind of taupe. It wears on everyone differently, depending on your coloring and undertones. Normally, I would have thrown a nude, white, or silver liner under this to back it and give it crisper edges. Still cute though.

Oh, here's the thing I wanted to say about Illamasqua lipsticks. The formula is great, but it's not my fave. Though that wouldn't stop me from wearing their awesome colors. What I love about their lipsticks is that the end of the bullet comes to almost a triangular point, which helps draw clean edges when you don't have a liner, like me, above. Or when you have to draw on a top lip.

Oh wait, here's another gray.

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Stone Fox, $7.

This gray has slight blue or green undertones in it, depending on what light you're under.

I'm head over heels for this shade AND formula. Rich, creamy, opaque in one pass. Absolutely lovely. HEY NYX, make these in like 20 more colors, k?

Know who else likes these? Lesley Kinzel!

OK I feel like I'm stressing you guys out. How about some more conventional shades? Still new for fall though.

Here's Ashton in another NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Tea & Cookies, $7.

Oh, Rian, too! He's absolutely killing Sway.

Are you kidding me with that lavender?? Christ.

And I guess while we're at it, uh, here's me in Amethyst, because there are few things in this life that I love more than a true purple lip.

This purple is IT.

What's that you say? You want more purples?

Bianca is wearing Dark Purple 5o, another selection from Covergirl's collection from that Star Trek movie or whatever.

The bullet would have you believe that it's a deep burgundy with an iridescent blue sheen worked into it, but when applied, the sheen is almost imperceptible.

STILL CUTE THO. And limited edition. And seven dollars. Like, come on.

Look at this gorgeous magenta that Synjin is wearing:

That's No Shame by NARS, $29, part of the limited edition Killer Shine Lipstick collection, from their ongoing collaboration with Steven Klein.

The Killer Shine Lipsticks are everything we love about the NARS Audacious lipsticks but are bit sheer, super glossy, and buildable to full color.

Oh, speaking of NARS. And limited. And Killer Shine. Bianca is wearing the limited edition NARS Killer Shine Lip GLOSS in Provoke, $28.

I'm not wild about glosses, especially glosses for full color coverage, but NARS Killer Shine glosses are packed with color to give you a surprisingly opaque, glassy sheen of color.

The applicator is an itty bitty teeny weeny little brush, allowing you to trace the shape of your lips and then fill it in, without loading up your mouth with too much gooey gloss.

It applies pretty evenly, and when your body heats up the product, it becomes self-leveling and wears nicely all day. It's not kiss-proof, it's a damn gloss, so touch-ups will be necessary. If you're looking for a grown-up gloss, you found one.

Grown-up gloss. That's good, I'm gonna use that.

If you're looking for another Grown-Up Gloss™, check out Makeup Forever's Artist Plexi-Gloss, $19.

Bianca is kicking the shit out of Lilac:

What I love about this shade is that it is quietly rebellious. It's not an off-the-wall shade like the ones at the beginning of the article, but the blue undertones glow off of the gloss, really making the lilac pop.

Are you guys still with me? I'll be honest, I have no idea where we are in this.

Allow me to get my bearings with my favorite lip shades:


Power My Spirit Mattene by MAC, $19.

I love a blackened purple at any damn time of the day or night. MAC's Power My Spirit hits the shade on the head for me.

It looks even better on Dana than it does on me (rude.)

The only drawback of the Mattenes for me is the the wear. I never felt like it really set. I know it's up against a lot of liquid mattes in this piece that lock down into place, so that may make it a little unfair, but this felt a little more live on my lips than even a normal lipstick. A good substitute would be Cyber, also by MAC.

But speaking of MAC's Mattenes, how great is Own The Look on Ashton?

MAC calls this a "deep, intense purple" but I disagree. Don't you think it's more of a magenta purple? I do. Whatever it is, I'm crazy about it. I love it on Ashton and I think the rich color would be flattering on any skin tone.

And finally...



I have a real aversion to the color red. Not red lips I suppose, but what the fuck am I supposed to do with a red lip, you know? But take a good red and burn it out, take it as dark as it can go, and then we can have a lil conversation.

Jensine is wearing Exorcism Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D, $20. WE'VE COME FULL CIRCLE. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

This dark red leans a bit purple and just happens to be what I go to if I want to if I want to rock a dark lip but am like, going out in a sweatshirt. I did that last Thursday, wore this, and it was the perfect middle ground of a dramatic lip without the lip pulling too much focus. More focus than, say, being a boy in lipstick, that is.

Wait, shit, am I ending this with a picture of myself? Pretend that's not happening.

As I am easing myself into reds, this is my favorite. It's the farthest you can stray away from a red while still being considered a red.

Damned Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D, $20.

It's red, it's rude, it's so dark, and it's gorgeous.

THAT is how you do a blackened red.

What do you think about blue lips? Green lips? What do you love? What do you hate?! Tell me everything in the comments and include your fine selves wearing your favorite bold lips! and OMG WHAT ARE YOU BEING FOR HALLOWEEN?!?! We have a lot to discuss.

Tynan is toying with explosives on Twitter @TynanBuck.