The Best In Beauty Tech, Because I'm Sick Of Washing My Face With These Stupid Hands

Make your skincare products work even harder with these three new beauty tech innovations.
Publish date:
December 16, 2015

Every time I pick up my Clarisonic to wash my face, I have this moment of "Am I really using a damn appliance to wash my face? What would my grandfather think?"

But then I remember that it doesn't matter, because I have great skin and he's dead.

Before I got a Clarisonic, I knew they were a cult product, but I was just never interested in having one. "How much of a difference could a face brush really make?"

NAIVE. Fast forward a few years and the joke is on me because it's become a product that I really can't get by without. That's why I never turn up my nose when I find out about new beauty tech innovations, because a lot of them can really take your skin from good to great, and even make the products you're already using work harder for you.

Here are three products that have stuck out to me recently and are making my skin look even better than ever.

Tao Wei Sonic Hot2Cool Beautifier, $198.

The Beautifier aims to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your skincare regime by amplifying the absorption of your products and sealing them in to maximize their benefits.

I just called this in because it looked weird and I was curious, but after the first time I used it, I suddenly realized why a warm massage immediately followed by a blast of cold post-skincare could help your products go the extra mile.

Before I moisturize, I turn the Beautifier on and let it heat up as I apply my eye cream, serum, moisturizer and whatever else I rely on to transform me from a frog to a prince. Within about thirty seconds, it reaches its maximum heat, so I hit the button again to make it start buzzing, er, massaging.

Your liquified skincare paired with the sonic waves help for a one-two punch, making your products easier to absorb, and making your skin more ready to absorb them.

Using small, circular motions, I rub it over my enormous forehead for about thirty seconds and then both sides of my face for about 15 seconds each. This step warms skin and liquefies the products I that just applied so they can really sink in, while the micro-massage increases circulation for brighter skin and more uniform texture.

After that step, I hit the button one more time, switching the Beautifier to cold. It doesn’t take the tool very long to heat up initially, but it goes form hot to cold in seconds flat. And when I say cold, I mean really cold. I do exactly what I just did one more time which makes pores appear tighter and helps seal in the skincare that you just applied.

We've all heard the benefits of rinsing your face with cold water, as demonstrated by this timeless throwback by our very own Queen Lesley Kinzel. I know you’re thinking “Why do I need a $200 remote control when I could just literally splash my face with water?” First of all, don’t be a dick. Second of all, you’re not gonna splash your face with cold water after you’ve applied all of your skincare and rinse it all off, are you? No, you’re not.

After using the Beautifier, my skin feels more moisturized, tighter, and looks brighter. It's become an every day tool.

Kat Burki Micro-Firming Wand, $85.

So maybe switching from hot to cold isn’t your thing, but you still want the benefits of a micro massage as you’re starting your morning. This little pocket rocket is gonna be your new best friend.

The Micro-Firming wand is pretty straightforward. The little half-sphere at the end of the curved wand automatically activates when touched to your face, due to either magic or the battery in the handle, I’m not sure.

Gently massage your face post-product and the sonic waves allow your serums and moisturizer to penetrate deeper into your skin, while increasing circulation to make your skin look brighter. The little ball is great to massage out under eye puffiness and increase blood flow to help rid you of dark circles, too.

One of the bonuses of this product is that its size makes it easier to throw in a bag and have with you if you’re traveling or overnighting somewhere. I always have a mild panic attack when deciding what skincare to bring with me when I travel, and getting it to fit into whatever makeup bag I’m using. This is great because it takes up almost no space so even when you’re on the road, you can still make your moisturizer go the extra mile.

Le Mieux Skin Perfecter, $189.

This little thing really had me thrown when I unboxed it. It looks like a remote control with a spatula sticking out of the end of it. I hadn’t the first clue what to do with it. I mean, I had seen photos of it before, but that didn’t help prep me for what to expect since I don’t pay attention to anything.

The Skin Perfecter harnesses the power of ultrasonic waves to clean skin, decongest your pores, and helping your skincare penetrate deeper into your skin.

When I took this out of the box, I really had no idea where to start with it. You should have seen me, I mean I might as well have been holding a Phillips Head screwdriver or something. I really wanted to make sure I was using this product correctly, so for once, I read the directions. And by that I mean I watched YouTube videos.

It’s really simple. You just cleanse your face as usual, and then while your face is still wet, turn it on and hold it with the ~control panel~ (the buttons, Jesus) facing away from you and drag the blade lightly over your skin, gliding away from the center of your face.

As it buzzes over your face, the sonic vibrations help to shake out all the shit that’s clogging your pores, from dirt, oil, makeup. It helps exfoliate and extract blackhead — and you can see it happening.

Alright guys, so, not much makes me uncomfortable, as you know, but talking about body things does and this comes dangerously close. However, we all have clogged pores and this little gadget really does help deeply cleanse, so I’m going to my limit, for you.

Everyone tells me I have great skin, and if that gigantic brag didn’t make you close out of this article, then let me tell you that my secret is to deeply cleanse and exfoliate every damn day, and extract anything before it grows (ew) into too much of a problem. I know you shouldn’t pick at your skin (I am trying to get around having to type out “pop your zits” but you see where I’m going here) but sometimes I just have to because sometimes getting rid of that shit is the only way to find peace of mind. I’d be messing around with my skin a lot less if my pores weren’t as clogged, and after just a few rounds of the Skin Perfecter, I’m already seeing a difference.

As you move it over your damp skin, a fine mist sprays off of your face and that's how you know it's working. If you look closely, you can actually see the Perfecter extracting dirt, oil, and general nastiness from your pores. You can even watch as it removes blackheads. Eeeeeuuuuuugggggghhhhhhh.

Oh anyway sorry, once your done with that nasty process, apply your moisturizer and skin care, flip the Skin Perfecter over to the reverse side, and use the sonic waves to help penetrate all that goodness into your skin much deeper than it would using that archaic method: your hands.

Is there a techy beauty product that you can't live without? Tell me in the comments!