The Best Beauty Brand You Haven't Heard Of--Yet

Prepare to be obsessed with this bright and beautiful Canadian brand.
Publish date:
June 7, 2011
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I don't know if you readers know this, but I'm Canadian. Sometimes it can be hard. The Winters are rough, and a lot of online stores won't ship here (c'mon!) But there are a lot of perks, too. One of them being that I can shop Joe Fresh whenever I want. Joe What? Joe Fresh! The Canadian fashion and beauty brand that's available to me whenever I go grocery shopping. That's right, I shop for cute striped t-shirts and bright, matte nail polishes in between picking up produce and cereal. They have standalone stores too, but for the most part I've done all my Joe shopping while picking up snacks.

Clockwise from top center: Joe's Lipgloss in Coral, Blush in Rosetta, Matte Lipstick in Berry, Nail Polish in Crush, Cream Eyeshadow in Sugar, Nail Polish in Tomato and Iris.

The clothing brand was launched in 2006, and the beauty brand launched in '09. The simple, modern-looking white+gray+clear plastic packaging, bright colours, surprisingly high quality products and inexpensive price points drew me in. I started to build quite a collection and the products have become part of my daily routine. But why are you telling us this? Well, if you're an American, and more specifically a New Yorker, you have something to look forward to. Joe Fresh will be launching a flagship Manhattan store this fall, bringing the fast-fashion and beauty fix to American customers for the first time. If you can make it into the city, you won't be disappointed.

Wearing Joe's Cream Eyeshadow in Mocha, Cream Blush in Melon, Lipgloss in Coral and Nail Polish in Tomato.

Keep it on your radars, guys. This is Canada's best kept secret, but I'm sharing it 'cause I love you. A lot. And I also really want to hear about your favourite under-the-radar brands, so spill it!