I Tried Anti-Aging Hand Cream Because My Vanity Has No Limits

Everyone says, “Black don’t crack,” but hey, better safe than sorry.
Publish date:
January 5, 2015
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It took me until college to realize how annoying it is to listen to someone with total physical and mental health ungratefully complain about superficial insecurities. So instead I’m here to say...I’m a bad bitch! Hear me roar!!! I’ve adopted the “Your body is your temple” mantra after getting bored with a formerly destructive mentality. I now focus on treating myself well and preserving evidence of my health — particularly through my beauty regimen.

The concept of preservation fuels many facets of the beauty industry — especially where anti-aging is concerned. I may not be as insecure as I was in high school (thanks for calling me salad fingers, everyone), but I do care about my appearance and want to preserve this soft milk chocolate, George Washington Carver smooth peanut butter–caramel skin for as long as possible. Everyone says, “Black don’t crack,” but hey, better safe than sorry.

Dry skin plagues my entire body, including my hands. Constantly running them under water to wash off remnants of subway cooties sucks out any and all moisture, leaving me with uncomfortable cracked skin. Recently I’ve had trouble finding anything to lock in moisture and lock out conditioned air, and began to fear that consecutive winters of dehydrated, shriveled skin would last in the form of prematurely aged hands. Aside from the eyelids and under-eye area, the hands and tops of the feet possess some of the thinnest skin on your body, therefore serving as telltale signs of age. It only made sense that an anti-aging hand cream would exist somewhere.

I reached out to basically every beauty PR rep in the solar system and was like, “Yo, give me the best stuff for my paws!!” They kindly sent me oodles of potions to try. Most of the hand creams I tried were either too thin for the season or so heavy they could only be applied before bed to avoid leaving greasy handprints everywhere. Well, *horns and trumpets* I FOUND IT!

Hi there, Davines Anti-Aging Hand Cream!

This cream, oh yes, this cream gave me butterflies. You may be familiar with Davines as a high-end, eco-friendly hair brand, but they also have a number of skin and body products. While this one may not possess retinol or ingredients typically seen in anti-aging products, it has every nutritious oil I could ask for. Olive oil, sweet almond oil, tomato extract, and walnut oil combine to hydrate and fight free radicals, while simultaneously providing a plump and even texture.

I’ve been using this product for about a week and have noticed an extreme difference in my skin’s moisture retention. I only run to this white-and-pink tube maybe once throughout the day and then again before bed. The consistency is as thick as a body butter, but fully absorbs without causing awkward clammy lotion hands. I’ve also noticed that I have fewer hangnails, which is the greatest blessing of all. Think of something worse than getting a hangnail caught in your sweater. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

If you’re not looking for anti-aging benefits, I guarantee you’ll still want to use this just to look like your hands are airbrushed. Your skin will seriously look that pretty. In case you’re wondering, hand creams with retinol do exist, but that ingredient is not recommended to overdose on during the daytime. I draw the line of exorbitance at buying separate hand creams for day and night, so I’ll stick to the natural anti-aging properties of oils for now.

I’m interested in hearing about any anti-aging steps you all take on a daily basis, or if you even take any. Would you consider trying an anti-aging hand cream? Are you tired of reading the words hand cream yet??

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