Sure, I'll Bedazzle My Eyebrows For No Reason, Why Not

I've been looking for an opportunity to say "YOLO."
Publish date:
March 13, 2015
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If FASHION has anything to say about it, the next big beauty trend will be face jewelry — not just your usual piercings, but a fully decorated face.

I mean, did you see this week's Givenchy fashion show? The models' faces featured stuck-on pearls and jewels and quite possibly small pieces of dollhouse furniture (I'm not sure). Designer Riccardo Tisci called the look "Victorian chola girl gang," a term that makes me almost as uncomfortable as the thought of wearing an elaborate fake nose ring in each nostril.

Even though I wanted an eyebrow piercing back in college, I never followed through with that or any other face jewelry. I've always felt that my beauty mark was the only facial accessory I really needed and that anything else might be excessive. But now that a really important designer has decided that excessive facial accessories are the next big thing, I have no choice but to fall in line.

I mean, I have a choice, but it's no fun to not try things, right?

So, I didn't have anything that looked Givenchy-esque on hand, but Benefit did recently send me a few sheets of their Bling Brow.

Made with Swarovski "elements" (I have no idea what that means), this set encourages you to draw as much attention as possible to your eyebrows by making them sparkly with either clear or rose-gold crystals.

Benefit offers three ideas for how to wear Brow Bling, which I keep typing as Blow Bring.

The look on the left looked a little too ingrown-hair to me, and the one in the middle read a little too Gwen-Stefani-before-she-became-aware-of-the-concept-of-cultural-appropriation to me, so I tried the the third one, with the crystals actually on the brows: Big-Time Bling, which, incidentally, was my nickname in high school. (OK, it wasn't. I do wish it had been, though.)

Here's my "before" — my brows with just a little dark brown powder, as is my usual filling-in routine.

I chose to apply the rose-gold version, feeling that it would go with my relatively new hair color. I followed the directions, picking up each crystal with a tweezer, and after placing them lightly against my brows — only a couple didn't take with just the lightest pressure — I pressed them against my skull to secure them.

The result:

I'll admit, I didn't leave my apartment wearing these. As you can see, I'm not fully convinced that this is the look for me. I can think of no occasion in my life in which applying these first would feel like the natural course of action. But I have a couple of sheets left, just in case my life takes a turn for the eyebrow-sparkle-appropriate.

However, I imagine that this is the look for someone, and that someone will be pleased to learn that, once applied, Brow Bling stays in place under the head-shakingest, brow-dancingest conditions. So when you find the occasion that these make sense for — and hey, if that's just your life in general, that's awesome — they'll stay on for the entirety of said occasion.

They also came off very easily, neither yanking out any hairs nor leaving adhesive residue in my brows.

So, what do you guys think of eyebrow decoration? What do you think of facial accessories in general? Are you the someone for whom this is the look?