Bedhead In A Bottle: Sexy, Mussed Up Hair From The Drugstore

This texture spray makes it look like you didn't try, but in a good way.
Publish date:
December 17, 2012
hair, L'oreal, wavy hair, styling products, texture spray

I hate my hair right now. I know I've talked about it here before, but I have an iron deficiency and because of this stupid medical affliction, I've lost half my hair in the past year.

And of course, back when I had this thick mass of tangles on my head, I hated it. But now that I've lost half of it, after months of pulling strands out of my shower drain or cleaning it off of my hairbrush and softly sobbing to myself, I realize I miss it. I miss my crazy, wild, rock 'n' roll mass of curls that could probably house a mouse or small bird.

Before my low-iron diagnosis, I strolled down the aisles of drugstores praying for a cure. I began a search for products that would restore my hair to its former glory. Scalp invigorating hair masks, strengthening conditioners, volumizing powders. Then the doctor told me I just needed to take iron and wait awhile. Oh, duhhhh. But the thing is hair takes awhile to grow back, and in the meantime I need a quick fix.

One of my current favorites in the realm of fake-it-'til-you-make-it styling products is L'Oreal's Matt & Messy Shine-Free Salt Spray ($4.99, Spritzed at the roots, it adds volume, and then I shake it through the rest of my air to add a piecey texture without stickiness or crazy mirror-shine. It amplifies my pathetic, limp, thinned-out hair into something breezy and tousled -- something very late-60s Jane Birkin. Then I smudge some black liner on and it looks like, you know, I totally just woke up this way. Yeah, long night man. No big deal.

Now I want you to tell me what products you've been using to solve your life problems. Or tell me if all your hair fell out and how sad it made you. I need someone to commiserate with me about how awful it is to slowly go half-bald.

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