I Finally Found A Makeup Brush That I Will Actually Use

I've been a brush-free beauty editor for years. Until now.
Publish date:
October 9, 2013
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It's an oddly true fact that many beauty editors I know do not, in fact, wear a lot of makeup. I have always fallen into this group. Perhaps it's because we get to try products all day long (I know, it's seriously not a terrible way to spend a day) that when it comes to getting ready in real life, we go the minimalist route.

And while I don't wear a lot of color on my face (except a lip, I'm ALL about a lip!), I do always want my skin to look flawless. I mean, who doesn't? But you get my drift.

Luckily for me, I've never had problem skin. A tiny breakout here and there but nothing a little concealer didn't usually take care of. So I'm never looking for heavy coverage with my tinted moisturizer or foundation. And I NEVER use a brush or an applicator. I've only liked products I can put on with my own two hands. (Yes, even with blush. Cream cheek color was a revelation to me!)

But as I've gotten older, I DEF need more help evening out my tone. And, yes, brushes can do that. Of course they give a better, more consistent application than my fingers. I've known this logically for years but I was stuck in my ways. Until now.

Last week I met the Becca Cosmetics One Perfecting Brush. It is a masterful genius of a tool and now I cannot live without it.

How did I ever live without this fine brush (that totally fits in my small makeup bag)? It doesn't take me any longer to put on my foundation and/or tinted moisturizer but now it goes on more smoothly and makes my skin look younger which is ALWAYS a goal of mine. There are no lines of demarcation when applying and it doesn't soak up all of your product as I've found makeup sponges do.

I tried it with one of the Becca foundations they sent me (which I really like, too!), as well as the Kiehl's Skin Tone Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream that I've been using obsessively since last summer. It worked just as well with the lighter product as it did with the foundation offering more opaque (but not too heavy) coverage on my face.

I'm almost 38 years old and have been known to eat the same exact salad for lunch every single day for a year. I like Bikram yoga because it's the same series of postures no matter what class you go to. Let's just say I'm not one for lots of change to my routine. And yet here I am, with my favorite new beauty tool.

Do you have a tool or product that changed your life? Now that I've broken the brush seal, is there another one you recommend me trying?