Someone Please Get Me The 8 Beauty Products On My Holiday Wish List

I'm about to give you this beauty writer's ultimate wish list.

Happy December! If you're not a fan of the holiday season due to being down-and-out about consumerism, stop reading now. For those of you who get hyped-up at the thought of gingerbread houses (which at my home, often end up covered in frosting penises, thanks to my brothers, who are all over 30), the sound of Salvation Army donation bells, and of course gift exchanging, keep reading!

I'm not sure when the exact turning point was, but at some point, Christmas stockings at my house went from actual stockings stuffed with candy and yo-yos to large gift bags full of makeup. (Best transformation ever.) I'm sure this was, in part, due to the space constraints of our super-cute homemade Christmas stockings, but also due to the fact that my mother can't resist a buy-one-get-one holiday sale at The Body Shop. (And also likely due to the fact that my wish list hasn't changed much since I was 12: makeup and "cute clothes," please!)

While your holiday might not include stocking stuffers, it might include presents of some sort, whether you are on the giving or receiving end. If you, or someone you love, is the designated makeup/body product/hair product lover in the family, then look no further, because I'm about to give you this beauty writer's ultimate holiday wish list.

Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara

I recently got a free sample of this stuff for my birthday from Sephora. I'm a picky mascara person, and so when I say I'm hooked on the stuff, take me seriously.

This glorious mascara somehow totally prevents my long lashes from clumping, while giving me top-notch volume.

Stila Jewel Eye Shadow in Black Diamond

This is probably my favorite eyeshadow of all time. Black Diamond is so gorgeous, with its edgy smokiness and intense yet wearable glitter. It looks good alone or as an accent to more neutral colors.

I first spotted this shade on someone else in a dark bar -- its low-simmer sparkle practically grabbed me by the throat -- and demanded she tell me what it was. She couldn't remember in the moment. So I made her email me the name. Worth it.

Aveda Nourish Mint Lip Pencil in Fire Maple

My hairdresser tried this lip color on me at my most recent appointment, and I fell in love. It's a non-drying, ultra-pigmented lip pencil in the perfect shade of red, to go with your ugly holiday sweater. It's limited-edition so make sure to grab it up before it's gone.

Urban Decay Naked On The Run

The latest installment of the ever-popular Urban Decay Naked palette series is On the Run, which features new eyeshadows, a blush/highlighter, as well as a travel-size mascara and lip gloss. This is great for newbies to Urban Decay products or the Naked series, and also just anyone who wants an awesome all-inclusive makeup kit.

Clinique All About Eyes

You know what's pricy? This eye cream. You know what's worth it? This eye cream.

There are some things money can buy, and that's looking youthful and awake when you show up in the Midwest for the holidays. Seriously, try this eye cream if you have under-eye circles, puffiness or lines. It will hold your makeup in place, too.

The Body Shop Beautifying Oil

Remember that yearly sale I mentioned? The one my mom can't resist? Yeah, all these babies are half off.

You apply the always wonderfully scented oils right after the shower when your skin is still damp. The oil leaves your skin supple, soft, and smelling great. (I'm a Satsuma girl myself.)

Fresh Sugar Lychee Bath & Shower Gel and Body Lotion

Mmmmm, I love this stuff. It's the kind of good-smelling shower gel and lotion that doesn't actually dry you out, which is crucial.

I fell in love with this stuff while staying at my boyfriend's parents' house, which obviously required sneaking lotion samples from his mom. (Don't tell.) The smell is delicious and relaxing, be prepared to sneak sniffs of your own arm when no one is looking.

Aveda A Gift of Stress Relief

I am obsessed with these lavender and clary sage scented products. This gift set comes with stress relief lotion, soaking salts and a concentrate.

Right now, I'm trying to survive on a small sample-size lotion and it's just not cutting it. While, occasionally, Aveda products can get a little earthy-smelling for my tastes, the stress-relief products are absolutely perfect. If you're neurotic like me, you need these.

What's on your beauty wish list this year?