What Beauty Products Do You Buy in Bulk?

Why can't Costco carry multipacks of MAC brow pencils?
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July 11, 2016
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A big perk of this job is getting to try new beauty products all the time, which, obviously, is awesome. There’s not even a self-deprecating joke I can throw in that will remedy the scathing sting of jealousy that I am sure you’re feeling right now, so I won’t try.

But even I will admit that there are cooler things than never having to buy moisturizer. I don’t know what they are, I’m just sure that they exist. Getting to try everything means I pass on a lot of things that I don’t think are quality, but, every once in a while, I find a product that I just can’t let go of, that I never want to be without.

Every time I go out to restock one of my favorite products, I start to get a weird rush of anxiety. The tops of my hands start to tingle, which happens when I get nervous. “What if it’s not there anymore? What if it sold out and hasn’t been restocked? Or WORSE, what if it’s been…"

I don’t want to say it, I don’t want to say it, I don’t want to say it…


This could be because of some deep beauty abandonment issues, or because I’m a hoarder and I don’t know it (which is precisely the reason I refuse to do an article telling you guys how I store my makeup).

More often than not, that’s not the case, and all of my faves are waiting for me in all the old familiar places, for which I am always grateful.

Am I the only person that buys in twos? I can’t be. When I love a product, I won’t wait for another brand to send me something like it, I’ll go out and replenish my stash with my own dirty money because there are some products that can't simply be replaced.

I’m curious what beauty products you guys buy in twos, threes, or in Costco-style bulk, so I figured I’d share some of mine.

MAC Eye Brows Brow Pencil

Don’t worry, I know I’ve already talked your ear off about these, so I won’t review them again.

Every time I grab one of these to fill in my brows, I have the same moment of “Is this it? Is this the day that my brow pencil runs out after I’ve finished only the first brow?” No matter how fresh the pencil is, I hold my breath and say string of prayers as I fill in the first brow, hoping that it will still have enough product to finish the second one. It almost always does.


My biggest fear was realized the last time I ran out when I was mid-application. There I was, standing with one full, dark, beautiful brow and one bald, scraggly one. I stared at my lopsided face, paralyzed by my own indecision. What was I supposed to do? Sure, I had at least 12 other similar brow pencils within arm’s reach, but they weren’t my MAC pencils. You can bet I was late to wherever I was going because I went straight to the mall — THE MALL — to snatch another one. I bought two so this very thing would never happen again.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

This is when you’re all going to tell me that I should be taking my makeup off with coconut oil or whatever. Yes, I know, that would save me money. But this is just what I do, OK? And that is why, I assume, you’re reading this article.

I use these because they’re good and because they’re what Kim Kardashian uses. There’s a ton of ways you can take your makeup off, but what I like about these is that they gently suck even your waterproof mascara off of your lashes without smearing it all over your face. I hate it when I use a product that breaks down mascara, only to leave it all over my face, and then having to wash that off. Look, if I’m trying to go to bed, I want to get all this shit off my face as fast as I can.

I can usually get everything off using just one wipe, then hit my face with my Clarisonic, apply a night oil and night cream, then pass out. I thought that was a quick and dirty nighttime skincare routine until I read it back and realized it’s the exact opposite. I’m just as serious about my nighttime skincare as I am my daytime skincare and you should be, too. More than anything, just take your damn makeup off before you pass out.

I use these a lot during photoshoots, too. Especially since I like to shoot in inconvenient places without easy access to, you know, running water. These babies make it easy to clean up a cat eye or switch a lip without having to redo your face. You can usually find them in packs of two, and I always buy two packs of two, so at any given time in my apartment, you will be able to find 400 makeup removing wipes but not one can opener.


WOW I hate that word and talking about the product, but to leave it out of this article in particular would feel like a lie. The one I use is unscented and has stopped being carried in stores, because everyone is out to get me. I have to buy it online so I buy six at a time. Shoutout drugstore.com. Let's never talk about this again.

Liquid Lips

Now, I have plenty of liquid lipsticks, but for the colors I love, I always do my best to make sure I have more than one tube on hand at all times. You just never know! What if I run out?

I wear my favorites a lot and it’s hard to gauge when I'm gonna use them up! OR, what if one of them falls out of my pocket when I’m out? It’s always good to have a back up. Currently, I am the proud owner of no less than three pair of shorts with gigantic holes in the pockets, so the prospect of me returning home at the end of the night with any of my belongings is always a crapshoot.

For this reason, I buy the colors I love in twos. Just last week, after NYX sent me the new shade of their Liquid Suede Liquid Lipsticks, Brooklyn Thorn, I saw it at Ulta and just bought another one.

You guys know how fast new NYX products fly off the shelves; can you blame me? Seeing a full display of my favorite color almost felt like a dare. Now I’ll be set for a while at least.

What do you guys make sure that you always have a backup of? I know I'm not the only one who buys in bulk, so let's compare notes in the comments.

Tynan is stocking up on Twitter @TynanBuck.