FINALLY! A Volumizing Spray That Actually Delivers Bigger Hair to Us Flat-Haired Girls

Most products work for a few minutes before I’m back to my same old limp hair.
Publish date:
March 18, 2015
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I have always had really fine, limp hair. It totally sucks. Not only does it fail to excite when I try to do something fun to it for a big night out, but most of the time it just looks flat and sad.

I’ve tried everything from layered cuts, skipping shampoo, skipping conditioner, dry shampoo, volumizing mousses, root lifters, teasing and most products on the market that use the words "boost," "body," "volume" or my favourite, "really big hair." Most things work for a little while (as in a few minutes) before the effect begins to deflate and I’m back to my same old limp hair.

Last time I got my hair cut, my stylist suggested I try Kevin Murphy’s Body Mass leave-in plumping treatment.

Side note: I’m a huge Kevin Murphy fan and every so often will splurge on a few bottles of the Angel Wash and Angel Rinse. If you haven’t already heard of the brand, it’s out of Australia and is typically only available in salons. There aren’t a lot of products but any that I’ve tried I’ve loved. Also, if you’re into scents, these smell great! Expect more fragrance-based then fruity or flowery—Body Mass kind of smells like a musky cologne.

So, like I mentioned. I’ve tried a lot of volumizing products but I found this one intriguing because it uses the same ingredients that you find in mascara (like Oleanolic Acid, Apigenin and Biotin) to instantly thicken and lengthen your hair.

Along with thickening what you’ve already got, Body Mass also claims to actually encourage more hair growth!

So how does this work?

Applying the treatment is the easy part. Simply spray around your roots after you get out of the shower and then style as normal. The treatment is supposed to increase circulation at the follicle of your hair to encourage growth and prevent hair from falling out prematurely. You’ll notice your scalp tingles a little when you spray it on, which I can only guess is the ingredients doing their stimulating magic.

I was super skeptical about this actually working. The photos don’t really do it justice but in person it was kind of like the body you get after a really good blow without all of the yanking—am I the only one that finds blowouts painful? My hair looked and felt denser and my scalp was less visible. Even my husband told me my hair looked “fancy.”

Though you’ll for sure see some results right away, the real beauty of this product is that it continues to build up your hair over time.

Here’s my hair after a week of using Kevin Murphy Body Mass.

Has anyone else tried a volumizer that works?