Beauty Truths Straight From The Model's Mouth

Her mum cuts her hair and she uses a spit-moistened cotton bud to perfect her eye liner: model Olivia Inge reveals her tried and tested beauty secrets
Publish date:
January 15, 2013
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Models know beauty. It’s their job to take on different characters every day and they work with the world’s best make-up artists and hair stylists so get the inside track on great products and techniques to use. But by the very nature of their work they also need to know how to look after their skin and hair, to restore it to health after the gruelling fashion weeks or a particularly intense shoot.

I got Olivia Inge, who’s been in the modelling biz for over 10 years, to share what it takes to look good for a living. Olivia's sister Alexia is also one of the co-founders of Cult Beauty, which is why she gets to test all these amazing products from around the world too!

"If I'm feeling like I need to be a good girl, or like I am a slightly toxic version of myself, I will go for a 30 minute run. I would like this to be incorporated into a more regular regime... by writing it down here, it feels like I've already accomplished that task. I then take a shower. I wash my hair every day with Therapie's Boost Hair and Body Wash. This is a perfect wake up wash.

I condition with Sashajuan's leave-in conditioner as it makes my hair TV-advert-friendly and smells lush, plus you save time in the shower - time is money!!! I wash my face with Energising 9-Oil Cleanser by MV Organics which I wash off with a muslin cloth to slough off the dead skin cells.

I use an array of moisturisers depending on what I am testing, but I do have my favourites which are reliant on the season... Jurlique's Rose Moisturiser is a winter must for dry skin as is de Mamiel's Winter face oil as a restorative treat. In the summer, I use MV Organics Rose Soothing and Protecting moisturiser as it's not overpowering, smells heavenly and absorbs efficiently.

Day make-up consists of a tried, tested and much loved look. I start with Ellis Faas eye liner in black. I love a lined eye, it's such an elegant look. To perfect the flick, I clean up the line with moistened (using my spit) cotton buds, in my opinion there is no better or quicker way to do the job. I then load my lashes with DJV Volume Lash mascara. This is my wonder mascara, it lengthens your lashes by at least a couple of milimetres.

For the skin, I am a complete convert to Jouer's Luminizing Moisture Tint in Pearl. Tis the bomb. Then a wee smudge of Jouer's blusher in "Petal" on the apples of my cheeks. To finish, I am NEVER without my Pommade Divine balm. For me, there is no other lip balm that competes. And I have tested that theory. Extensively.

I think my look has stayed pretty much the same. Being a model, you are a canvas to the artist and the job. I have been fortunate enough to have been transformed into a witch, a goth, a cat, a boho blah blah, a vamp, a granny, you name it, I've worn pretty much every single look out there so when it comes to doing my own look, I stick to what I'm good at. Unless it's fancy dress and then I go nuts.

Either my mum or a hairdresser on the job cuts my hair. I once chopped it myself, into a slightly wonky bob. That was fun, until I was booked for a Gap campaign and Peter Lindbergh commented that the reason I had been booked was for my long strawberry blonde tresses...

My storage is fairly tidy. It would be impossible to cope were it chaotic clutter. I have drawers for my make-up and a cabinet for my creams, oils and potions. Ideally I'd have a walk-in beauty den that contained everything Cult Beauty sells.

I love it when someone notices my perfume. The smell currently eminating from my vampire hot spots is Kai's Perfume Oil. Its top note is gardenia, the over-all smell is floral, light and spell binding.

I would love to learn every trick in Pat Mcgrath's book. In fact any of the don make-up artists and hairdressers. They are such talented artists and far more pleasant to work with than a hell of a lot of the other players within the industry. But namely I think I'd love to master the smokey eye... I need to work on my blending skills.

I spend money on products that I know will be absorbed into my bloodstream which is pretty much everything, except mascara. But I spend on mascara as I am addicted to DJV. I prefer to save and spend on quality, the same goes for my wardrobe and treatments - you get what you pay for.

People have stopped asking if my boobs are fake - gravity and age has placed them in a more socially acceptable position it would seem. My face is gradually changing. Lines around my eyes and mouth are becoming more pronounced, but I actually don't mind. I've earnt my lines. I am definitely more aware of what I put in and onto my body. I have waaaay more respect for it now than in my twenties. I would like to help preserve what I've got.

I don't use wipes, I used to be addicted to wipes. To remove eye make-up, I now use cotton wool dipped in hot water with a few drops of Rosehip oil. It works a treat and is a much more responsible approach to removing make-up. I guess I'm getting older and more sensible. Oh dear. At least I still love a bottle of good champagne.

I inherited a rather unusual hair colour, so I am told. Randomly, my grandfather was engaged to six redheads but never actually married one. In terms of inherited family traits, I think laughter has been one of the best hand-me-downs. Thats what my mum is soo good at and she looks younger than her years. Its all about enjoying what you have, enjoying the journey you are on, dealing with life's problems with dignity and growing your own veg."