3 Beauty Tools I Never Knew I Needed (But Now I'm So Hooked!)

How did I go this long without them?!

Beauty gadgets? Hair tools? Yes, please. If there's something out there that can make my life easier when I'm doing my hair, makeup, or my skin care routine, I'm all about it. And the only thing I love more than using my stash of tools is discovering new ones. Here are three of my current favorites:

TOOL #1: Foreo Luna for Sensitive/Normal Skin, $199

I was once a daily user of an electric face brush that ended up being too harsh for my (normal) skin. Now that I have the Foreo Luna, I doubt I'll ever go back. The surface of the brush features a mix of thin to thick silicone bristles and you can adjust the pulsations for gentle or deep cleansing. On the reverse side, there are silicone waves that are supposed to help with anti-aging. I really like using this brush before bed with cleansing oil followed by my night cream. Afterwards, my skin feels so smooth and, I swear, the moisturizer sinks in so much better.

TOOL #2: Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree, $19.95 (with Spinner Base, $12)

I’m a neat freak and I clean my makeup brushes all the time so when I heard about Benjabelle and their Brush Trees, my ears perked up. I opted for the Daisy Brush Tree because it’s smaller than the original; the perfect size for my tiny bathroom. The tree is made to hold your brushes as they dry, post-cleaning (they actually dry faster when they're hanging upside down). Plus, they’re not laying flat all over your counter, taking up precious space and collecting more germs (or am I the only person who worries about that?). My Daisy Brush Tree has room for four large brushes, six medium brushes, and 16 skinny brushes. It's attached to a spinner (sold separately), which can hold brush cleanser and makeup sponges. The tree folds up easily into about the size of a mini tablet so it's easy to store. If you like to take care of your brushes and are a clean freak like I am, you need this in your life.

TOOL #3: International Hair Dryer Stand, $19.99

OK, you're just gonna have to trust me on this one because I know it looks bizarre. Shortly after I moved last year, I was shopping in an extremely crowded Bed, Bath & Beyond (silly me for going on a Saturday morning) when I came face to face with the International Hair Dryer Stand. I could have been in a daze from moving, or maybe I was just blinded by my love for any and all beauty gadgets, but I bought it. I kid you not, I have been using this at least once a week when I’m running super-late to work and have to multitask (watch RHONY, do makeup, and dry hair -- HELLO!) and I can’t sing its praises enough. You just stick your dryer in it, aim it at your hair then do a blowout without having to hold the brush and the dryer at the same time. My hair is thick and pretty straight with a little bit of a wave to it, and in about 15 minutes I’m good to go. Seriously, don’t hate on it until you try it!