5 Skincare Masks You Can Use As Halloween Masks

At least for a few minutes.

I’m obsessed with all things skincare related, especially masks. Sheet masks, clay masks, gel masks, gold masks, weird masks -- you name it. In fact, I collect masks in the same manner as I collected Russ trolls back in the '90s: As soon as a new one hits the market, I must have it.

There’s only one downfall: I’m super-impatient. Since I have a ton of masks in my beauty closet -- yep, I kicked my husband's things out of the hallway closet to make a closet for my products -- I decided to spice things up for Halloween and see what kind of characters I could make while waiting for the masks to work their magic. It really does make time pass by quickly.

Raphael from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," using Perricone MD Chloro Plasma

I don't know how I’ve survived this long without the Perricone MD Chloro Plasma mask. It's fairly new to my collection, and it's insane. It's quite different from any other formula I've tried so far, too.

It starts off pale green, and once you apply to your face, the microcapsules burst and turn a really fun, vibrant green color. It contains blue green algae and watercress, which help detoxify and purify the skin. Bottom line: It’s awesome and leaves my skin glowing and healthy-looking without any redness. And the clay doesn't make me feel too claustrophobic, which is a huge plus.

Being green and all, I immediately thought of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And I had lots of red lipstick lying around, so Raphael was the easiest option. Putting red lipstick around your eye area probably isn't the best idea, but hey, it was pretty entertaining.

I used noncomedogenic CRUDE Everything Oil to remove the lipstick and black eyeliner, and it came off easily without ripping my skin to shreds. (FYI: cleansing oils are awesome when it comes to removing crazy Halloween makeup.)

Kim Kardashian getting a blood facial, using Stemology Cell Reboot Ageless Mask

The Stemology Cell Reboot Ageless Mask is a bit on the pricier side, but worth every penny in my humble beauty opinion.

The mask itself is super easy to remove, unlike some of the heavier clay masks I own. It has a slight tingly effect and leaves my skin feeling like a baby's behind every single time.

It also happens to remind me of Kim Kardashian's blood facial, don't you think? I imagine that the results of this mask are probably way better and definitely less painful. I can’t wait to try out more from this line.

Jason Voorhees from "Friday the 13th," using the Kracie Hadabisei Facial Mask

I picked up a few of these Kracie Hadabisei sheet masks at my favorite Asian market in Salt Lake City because I'm a sucker for anything foreign, and they're super-cheap: $2 a pop or you can also get a box of five on Amazon for around 10 bucks. Five facials for 10 bucks? Now that's a deal. These have also become a go-to when traveling. Convenience at its finest.

The only problem is that I don’t even pretend to try and speak or read Japanese.

The gal at the makeup counter kindly pointed out that this particular mask promises to brighten. About those ingredients, though -- for all I know it could have bird poo and snail saliva in it, but it instantly brightens and makes my skin all glowy, so I could care less. Maybe I'm better off not knowing?

Sure, I could have been a ghost, but how boring is that? So decided to add some dots with black liquid eyeliner and some lines with red lipstick to make it look similar to the Jason's mask. And since it was a Japanese mask, I thought adding our Japanese kitchen knife to the mix was only fitting.

The gold-painted victim from "Goldfinger," using the Nanogy 24K Gold Rejuvenating Mask

OK, it doesn't look as good as Shirley Eaton did, but it's the only gold character that came to mind.

Anyhow, I saw this Nanogy 24k Gold Rejuvenating Mask on Amazon and had to have it. The mask stood out to me because of its millions of claims:

  • Instant lifting and firming
  • Moisturizes and rehydrates
  • Whitens and illuminates
  • Enhances face slimming and sculpting
  • Activates cellular regeneration
  • Promotes collage synthesis
  • Skin pH balancing
  • Soothing and anti-inflammatory
  • Combat biological and sunlight skin aging

That's a lot of claims, especially considering you can get three of them for less than $10. But hey, you never know until you try it.

It feels cool and refreshing when you put it on, and stays on a lot better than the sheet masks since it's more of a jelly texture.

While I was hoping to remove the mask and look 20 years younger, I didn't look that much different. But I did notice that my face felt a little firmer and all hydrated and moisturized. The gold is supposed to stimulate collagen, so maybe after regular use it will help my saggy jawline?

Regardless, I thought the price was fair for what it did.

Dr. Manhattan from "Watchmen," using the Therapearl Face Mask

Have you tried this Therapearl Face Mask? If not, you're missing out. It's like a million products in one. You can microwave it and make it a heat mask, or freeze it and use it for de-puffing the face. I even use it to help relieve my heinous period cramps. It's also mess free and you can use it over and over again.

Sadly, all I came up with was Dr. Manhattan from "Watchmen." I guess it could be its very own Therapearl superhero character since it's so awesome and all.

Have you ever tried any of these masks? Or do you own any other awesome masks that could double as a Halloween costume?