Beauty Imitates Art: Watercolour Nails

So I've decided to try out a new series where I showcase beauty looks that have been inspired by works of art and the artists who created them.
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August 16, 2011
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So I've decided to try out a new "series," I guess, where I showcase beauty looks that have been inspired by works of art and the artists who created them. I'm a bit of an art nerd and am constantly inspired by the pieces I see in books and in galleries so I thought I'd share these inspirations with you, xoJane's wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful and intelligent readers.

First up, I've decided to showcase a nail look that I created it using various StrangeBeautiful polishes, which are little works of art themselves. They're sold in perfectly coordinated sets with these gorgeous, saturated shades that, when on your nail, look more like watercolour paint or pottery glaze than actual polish.

They're incredibly sheer, so if you're looking for a matte, opaque look, these aren't for you. I love them for this reason, though. When you layer them over each other, they get the really pretty look of glazed pottery, visible brushstrokes and all. It also kind of reminds me of impressionist paintings, like Monet's maybe ... except I hate Monet. But they're very similar to the consistency of watercolour.

I decided to create a look that I think would look really great in the fall, maybe with a painter's smock style dress and a thick, knit scarf. All in saturated blues and browns and greens and reds. Ahhh.

The Inspiration

1. StrangeBeautiful's Volume 5 Colour Set, 10 perfect shades for Fall ($85,

2. Glazed Stoneware Mug ($22, AbbyTPottery on

3. Renoir's Dance at Bougival Print, I love the contrasting shades of bright red and dark, inky blue in this. ($22.99,

4. Ledent's Watercolor Abstract 301107 ($62.99,

The Nails

For each nail, I used two or three different shades in the same colour family and made sure the brush strokes were visible. Obviously, this look isn't for everyone, but I like it a lot.

So, which works of art inspire you, whether it's in beauty or fashion? Which beauty-imitating-art looks would you like to see me try out? Let me know!