The 5 Best Beauty and Style Perks of Being Home for the Holidays

The unlimited socks are reason enough to enjoy time with family.
Publish date:
December 26, 2014
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Greetings from the frozen tundra! (That’s Emma-speak for northern Michigan.) I made it here just as the 87th blizzard of the year started, and comfy-cozy am I sitting in a Lazyboy next to a wood-burning fireplace, looking out on the frozen lake as snowflakes the size of silver dollars swirl by.

(This is essentially the opposite of life in Brooklyn, and I love it.)

There are a million reasons I love being home this time of year, like eating in excess, watching holiday movies, and having long life chats with my family and friends over Canadian Club and Coors Light. But there are also other, beauty-writer reasons that I love coming home. So if you are either happy to be home or dreading the time with relatives, I’ve got five beauty-full reasons for you to look on the bright side.

You can snoop through your mom’s jewelry box.

Whenever I come home, I head almost directly for my mother’s jewelry box. She has had the same dark cherry wood box since I was a little girl, and it has always been a mysterious place, because technically, we weren’t allowed to snoop in there as children. But my sister loved stealing the watches and loose change that were kept there, and I’ve always been enamored of the same ring, an emerald set in a gold band with two little diamonds. I have distinct memories of riffling through the jewelry boxes of great-grandmothers past, unable to do so while they were alive, and looking for the story in every gaudy piece of jewelry left behind. How annoying it was as a kid, obsessed with accessories, to not be able to know where each piece came from and what they meant. While my mom’s box has become more streamlined and organized over the years, it’s still fun to ask where every piece came from, and who gave it to her, and why. And, of course, I always wear the emerald ring around the house (being sure to adequately hint at how much I want it one day).

You get to try out new body products/hair products/makeup.

Even though I am constantly trying new products, I have a pretty steady shower-product and makeup routine at home. (Or, at least, it remains steady until I run out of what I have.) I feel like every time I go home, it’s an opportunity to step into a totally different product identity, because there’s always a new set of shampoo, body wash and makeup at my experimental disposal. (I’ve found some of my favorite stuff from borrowing products from family and friends when I stay with them.)

This trip, I’m loving the Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Body Lotion and Bath & Shower Gel that my sister brought. I’m a lavender freak in general, and this lotion is light, fragrant and super moisturizing.

There is an unlimited supply of socks.

I don’t know about you, but my least favorite aspect of being an adult is socks. I love new socks fresh out of the package, sure, but when they get dirty? The worst. You have to wash them, assuming that they even make it into the hamper (and aren’t stolen/hidden by your pets/children/roommate/boyfriend). The socks that actually make it to the laundromat get stuck in various crevices of the washing machine, take forever to dry completely, and then once you get home, there are always at least three socks without a partner. It doesn’t take long for a full package of new socks to turn into a bunch of divorcees in my sock drawer.

But when you’re at home? Cha-ching! Just sneak into anyone’s room to find drawers full of clean, matched socks whose fate you are not responsible for. I could care less if those socks get lost or dirty or divorced. They aren’t mine -- we’re just visiting together.

You can swap clothes with your sister/relatives/hometown friends.

If you’re anything like me, packing for home consists of one nice outfit, and then all of your leggings, your “cutest” sweatpants/pajama pants, some T-shirts and a sweatshirt. (Bonus points if you pack all of these things dirty and immediately do your laundry -- FOR FREE -- upon arrival.) But then the inevitable happens. You get roped into a social event you weren’t anticipating. Perhaps it involves an ex-love of yesteryear or distant family members you really want impress with your young-urban-professional sensibility. But mostly, you want to look good. Enter: your sister, friends or other family who are around with an abundance of clothing options that you don’t normally have access to. I love tearing through my sister’s clothes every time I visit her, much to her dismay. But she only has to deal with me a few times a year, so I never feel too bad. You shouldn’t either!

And the best part of all: You don’t have to be presentable.

I’m a beauty writer. It’s no secret that I love doing my hair and makeup. But, I love lounging around with a fresh, clean face in comfortable clothes just as much. With the exception of a few parties we are planning, I will remain makeup-less and in comfortable pants for the next week. I thoroughly recommend that you do the same.

What are your favorite beauty-related reasons to be home for the holidays?