BEAUTY 911: "While I Love My Wrist Tattoo, Sometimes it's Inappropriate"

Also, can we talk about my second Bat Mitzvah?
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June 13, 2012
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Hi Julie,

I have a bit of a dilemma. While I love my wrist tattoo and rarely feel cause to hide it, sometimes it's just not appropriate. I got the tattoo for my own enjoyment, not to defy my elderly relatives. For this reason, when visiting my grandmother, I wear a cuff bracelet to conceal the tat, which is about 1.75 inches on my inner wrist. The cuff is casual.

In a few weeks, I have a wedding to go to. The couple and many of the guests will be Conservative Jews. I don't want my tattoo to offend anyone (it contains Hebrew characters-- "L'chaim"), or to in any way draw attention away from the bride. I think this means I need a new cuff that's wedding suitable.

Any ideas? I've been scouring the internet but my quests have come up with nada. Please, please help!

XO, Mandy

Fun fact: When tatted up Ms. Emily McCombs was getting it on with a Jewish gentleman, he notified her -- during the act -- that she couldn't be buried in a Jewish cemetery. I don't know about you, but nothing turns me on like death talk!

I'm a member of the inked Jew club now too with my little "xo" finger tat. It's so small I'm sort of embarrassed to even count it. These guys would laugh in my tattoo's face.

Back to you. Before we get to cuffs, have you considered concealing your wrist tat with a bit of body makeup? Dermablend and M.A.C both offer formulas designed to cover tattoos. Simply slather this stuff on top of your body art, dust with translucent powder and top with a makeup setting spray like this one by Urban Decay.

As for cuffs, why not double or triple up for the sake of safety? I found a few for you to mix and match or wear solo. Scroll with me!

Wristy Business -- SORRY JANE

Forever 21 Sparking Cuff, $11: Vintage glamour for the price of a fancy sandwich -- sold!

Missoni Cuff, $182: I love this woven summery bracelet, and it would look awesome on your other wrist once the wedding is over.

Urban Outfitters Hells Bells Bracelet, $6: Obviously this little guy doesn't have as much tat concealing potential as the others. Your best bet? Add it on top of a cuff.

Forever 21 Rocker Cuff, $15: Build a wrist stack around this perfect mix of sparkles and studs.

Venessa Arizaga Night Light Cuff, $200: Neon accessories make me smile. The end.

Topshop Religious Stretch Bracelet, $20: Slip on this tribute to Jesus's mother and dance the night away with your Conservative Jew Crew. JUST KIDDING!

L'chaim! Can we talk about my second Bat Mitzvah for a second? The first one took place in England, land of no Jews, so I feel like having another. Drake did it. Should I?

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