BEAUTY 911: "This Hair Elastic Makes me Look Like a Child"

Where are all the grown and sexy hair accessories!?
Publish date:
June 5, 2012
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Hi Julie,

My hair is CRAZY LONG and curly. In warm weather I put leave in conditioner in while it's wet, pull it back smooth, and weave it into one long braid. To hold my hair at the base of my head, I use one of those little-girl ponytail holders with the two plastic balls on either end.

Is there a better way of securing my hair? I feel like a child!



Better? I'm not sure. More mature? Absolutely. But first, I grew up wearing those bobble-adorned ponytail holders that you use, and so they're part of my personal beauty nostalgia, which Hannah just pointed out is really important.

Hair elastics are the forgotten middle child of beauty that no one pays enough attention to -- a truly under-appreciated beauty essential. Those with long hair will feel me on this; the absence of a ponytail holder can stand in the way of all kind of things. I can't write without one because when I leave my hair down, I pick my split ends relentlessly. Running is also impossible without tying hair up. Then there's that other thing that's best done with hair safely out of the way. You get the idea!

Anyway, there's a perfect hair elastic for every occasion. Cat supports scrunchies as hair sleepwear. I have a whole ponytail holder wardrobe. Here are two of my favorites that would work as grown and sexy replacements for the plastic ball number you've been using.

Goody Double Wear Elastic Bracelet

Goody Double Wear Elastic, $6: When it comes to hair ties, I'm all about discretion, which is why I'm obsessed with these newish ones by Goody that not only act as fantastic ponytail holders, they also double as bracelets. The only problem? If you find yourself lending one out, you'll actually care about getting it back.

Blax Snag Free Hair Elastic

Blax Snag-Free Hair Elastic, $4: I love how these sleek, slim, virtually invisible hair ties are devoid of the frumpy packaging that houses other hair accessories. They look like the sort of thing Orlando Bloom may have worn back when he first pioneered the man-bun.

What do you think? Are hair elastics important or do you use whatever is around? Tell me!

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