YOU DOWN WITH BB CREAMS? YEAH YOU KNOW ME: The Korean Skincare Invasion You Should Be All Crazy-Obsessed With

Sorry, that was definitely a Naughty By Nature joke in the headline. Because I f&%king am!

Oh heyyyy. Here I am vamping at an art gallery in Chelsea with a bunch of BB creams. I was at an event by the Korean dermatologist Dr. Jart+, who is basically the master of them. And boy, it is true -- they make your skin wonderful. GLOWY. CLEAR. YOUTHFUL-LOOKING. With LESS WRINKLES.

AND LESS ACNE. YES, BB creams treat both. And – AND !!! – it’s makeup! The most wonderful tinted moisturizer ever. Well, for a lot of skin tones, and by a lot I mean lighter skin tones. No, they are not for darker people, though the black makeup artist at the event was using it as highlighter. So there you go!

(They are all one shade you see: biege and translucent-looking, almost ... yet somehow they cover beautifully, too.)

And maybe – just MAYBE, because you know I don’t say this unless I REALLY am telling the truth, guys – BB creams make your pores look a little smaller. YUP.

Here’s how you apply them: Just put two or three pumps into your palm and then smear it all recklessly over your face! You barely have to blend it -- it goes on seamlessly, and then YOUR face looks seamless.

So it’s like tinted moisturizer, and a sunscreen and a moisturizer with skin treatment properties: a beauty balm. BB!

Ooh YES, they are rather wonderful. And that’s why EVERYONE in Korea is friggin’ obsessed with them, and now America and the rest of the world, and why you will be too. I PROMISE.

I have worn nothing else on my face since I scored them at this Dr. Jart+ event, where I goofily fooled around like an idiot instead of letting the makeup artist apply them like she was supposed to:

There are two different ones: the Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25 PA++:

...and then there’s the same product, but it’s a teensy bit more expensive – the Dr. Jart Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45 PA+++, and it’s $39:

The SPF 25 is $32; whatever, it depends on how paranoid you are. Both make my skin look sick immediately AND get you long term results. I’m not being a squawky parrot for publicists and telling you what they told me to tell you. I am telling the Truth!

And look, I’m not sure what PA++ means either. Quite frankly, I wrote the event down in my planner as “Dr. Jambone party,” so clearly I am out of it and there is no dermatologist with a line of BB creams called Dr. Jambone (though maybe there should be).

Are you excited to try BB creams? You should be!