BAN THE TERM "BAREFACED!" The Makeup Palette To Make It Look Like You're Not Wearing Makeup

Where’s the fun in a life without makeup?
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August 30, 2013
Too Faced, grooming on the go

Let me start off by saying that I’m not one of those people who will ever use the phrase “barefaced beauty” or anything of that nature. For one, it’s PLAYED. More importantly, being beautiful has nothing to do with how much makeup you are or are not wearing.

People that depend on a little color and concealer before they leave the house are just as knockout as the ones who can go out without a stitch of makeup on. And besides, where’s the fun in a life without makeup?

Now that I’ve hopped down off of my soapbox, let’s talk about the Too Faced “No Makeup Makeup” Palette.

There are a couple of things that originally drew me to this palette. I just really like the name “No Makeup Makeup.” It’s irreverent and tongue-in-cheek, which is hard to find in the beauty world where everyone is taking everything so effing seriously. A full set of makeup that’s supposed to make you look like you’re not wearing makeup at all? “Too Faced,” INDEED.

Upon further investigation, I realized that this is a really great set for an understated look, or to keep with you in your purse for midday touch ups. It has everything you need for a natural looking face including concealer, brightener, luminizer, blush, crème blush, and bronzer, all in a case the size of a Palm Pilot (LOL a WHAT?! Check the calendar, Tynan.)

I love this kit and maybe, just maybe, you will too.

Let’s talk about the case from left to right, starting with the bronzer.

I discovered early on that bronzer, if it’s good quality and used correctly, has transformative properties. I know that that’s not any news to YOU, but it’s a product that I approach with such reverence that I barely ever touch it at all. It’s like the Sorcerer’s Stone of beauty. Or did I mean the sword in the stone?

A lot of bronzers are too orange, or too shimmery, but this one is juuust right. A great shade of ~sun kissed~ that can be layered on for a “just off the plane from my private island” look, or just a beachy glow. I did a little contouring of my face, the hollows of my cheeks and up into my hairline, and it took to my skin really nicely. I was worried that, because I haven’t got a bit of sun this summer, it would be obvious I had bronzed and I would be labeled a FRAUD! But no such thing happened.

Now for the blushes!

The powder blush is a blue toned bubblegum pink with a bit of silver shimmer. Though this kit is all about pulling off a natural look, this blush is very heavily pigmented, and I’m pretty sure silver glitter isn’t naturally found in nature.

But not to worry, since the blush packs so much punch, a little bit goes a long way, and it blends out very easily so you can get a nice flushed cheek, if that’s what you want. Otherwise, layer up, girl!

Above that we have the crème blush, which is a darker rose-pink that is fleshy enough to be flattering on almost all skintones but still pink enough to scream “buy me, I’m a pretty shade of pink”. The crème blush is a beautiful shade that reads more natural as soon as it hits your skin. You don’t have to be as careful as you were with the powder blush because the pigmentation isn’t as extreme, but it applies like a dream and wears all day. I’m really excited that they included a crème blush in this to-go kit because it’s great for the “oh I just woke up like this” look with minimal effort.

Now, you know I love my illuminators, and the crème luminizer in this palette does not disappoint. In the pan, it looks like a light beige, but it applies with a sheer, colorless sheen. I like this luminizer because it’s not too shiny, not there can ever be too much luminizer, but this kit is aimed for grab-and-go and touch ups, and you don’t want to overdo it.

It’s also great because there’s no glitter. Some companies mistake luminizers for body glitter which makes me a very sad boy. Just a dab of this on your cheekbones, brow bones, and cupid’s bow, and you’ve got yourself a natural looking glow.

Now for my favorite part, the brightener! I thought I’d never find a product that I liked more than an illuminator, especially when said product is housed right next to an illuminator, but I have! The No Makeup Makeup Brightener! I am in LOVE. My eyes look like black holes with bags on bags under them, so the brightener was met with a big task. I was honestly taken aback by how much of a difference just a few dabs under my eyes made. The brightener is also a crème, and in an instant, it looked like I had actually had a good night’s sleep in the last, oh, three years.

You know when a concealer in a lighter shade almost reflects blue? This almost, almost does that, but falls short just in time. I think of it as a denser, yet more subtle highlighter that would be good for all skin tones. You can even mix it with concealer or blend it into foundation. I liked it so much that I dabbed it into the outer creases of my eyes and up below my eyebrows, and it made me look fresh and rested, which is a nice change from my usual haggard and mad.

Finally, the concealer. The texture is buttery smooth and glides over any imperfections to subtly cover them right up. I used it to mask whatever is happening on my forehead right now and it worked well. My only complaint is that it’s not great for every skin tone. It’s a middle of the road toffee color, and it worked for me as I’m sure it works great for people with a wide range of skin tones, but not quite all. It could be gone over with a darker foundation after imperfections are covered, though. Should they have left out a concealer since this is supposed to be an all-in-one for everyone? Should they make a palette especially for darker skintones? What do you think? I’m covering it because it worked for me and I really like it, and I’m sure it will work for a lot of you, too!

SO THIS IS ME WEARING THE NO MAKEUP MAKEUP PALETTE aka in full drag. I'm praying to god you can tell the difference between the before and after photo because I really loaded this shit on. Do you think the natural light took away from the before and after drama? I don't know how cameras work.

I love it! What's your favorite all in one palette? I'd love to know. Ooh, also, what's your favorite on-the-go beauty product? Tell me that, too, because I can never have enough.

Tynan is barefaced and beautiful on Twitter @TynanBuck