AMAZINGNESS ALERT: Bambi Nails! Plus, Meet My Favorite Street Artists Mint+Serf (aka The Mirf)

OH. MY. GOD. I just die for them. For creativity! For beauty! For it all!!! I DIE!!!!!!
Publish date:
August 12, 2011
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The last time we saw resident nail genius (she hasn’t officially agreed to be called that, but it’s on the Internet now so it’s true!) Rémy Law was July 4th, when I wrote about her red, white and awesome patriotic manicure that so enchanted me when everyone else was watching fireworks.

Fine, maybe I was on drugs. NO, I am joking -- Rémy really is that f-ing amazing of a manicurist! I was definitely on drugs later, however, when I started purring at her to do a customized BAMBI manicure for me some time. I LOVE Bambi. Remember?

Yes, I always talk about Bambi when I’m in my zone, you see. It’s just one of many bizarre personal qualities that makes me endearing to so many other strange people, and decidedly repellant to an equal or greater number of normies.

But enough about me (FACT: there will never be such thing as enough about me!): Back to nails! They are BAMBI NAILS. Here’s another look:

I opened my inbox and there they were, in an email from her (officially titled as such, lovebirds?) boyfriend Serf, of the vaguely famous New York City graffiti/street art duo Mint+Serf, a.k.a. the MIRF. Here’s some of THEIR work, because, well, this is a column that celebrates all walks of wildly creative and brilliant people:

And once again I’ve wandered far off the beauty path. You would, too -- just writing about beauty products is boring, I say! Just like getting boring manicures is boring and writing about boring nail polish shades is boring.

And Bambi nails are anything but boring! Just like Serf and Rémy -- my favorite very creative couple:

Oh, and also can I just say that I wrote this entire column referring to Rémy as Rémy Martin, until I doublechecked and realized that Remy Martin is a brand of cognac? I have serious problems.

Anyway, what do YOU think of them? Of these nails? Of the art of the MIRF (check out their hot new website -- so much cool stuff!). Thoughts? And what nails should Rémy do next?