THIRD XOJANE MAKEUNDER: Reality TV Hottie Audrina Patridge takes it all off (her makeup, that is)!

You've seen her on TV hitting LA's hottest clubs with Hollywood hair and loads of makeup -- now, introducing the lovely Audrina as you've never seen her before! PHOTOGRAPHED BY ASHLEY BARRETT
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March 30, 2012
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So here’s a deep (just kidding; it’s not) thought for you: the more I meet and interview reality stars, the more I sort of believe that reality television is…well, if not real, exactly, then grounded in the reality of the personalities of its cast members. So, in other words, sort of real.

Because they are all exactly like you have come to know them onscreen. Sammi Sweetheart was that way.

Audrina Patridge, the subject of xoJane’s third Makeunder, was too.

You’ve seen her in “The Hills” (where she appeared in more episodes than any other cast member), most notably, where she was super-nice but not over-the-top-bubbly and outgoing, and sometimes (not often, and I mean this is a nice way – she’s a real, vulnerable person, not some arrogant a-hole Hollywood famous girl, and BELIEVE me, I KNOW those famous girls) a little unsure of herself, but always out there, going for it, and looking way hot.

On “Dancing With The Stars”: same deal. Right?

Adored her. Really, there's nothing not to like.

Oh, and a note in advance on the beauty: Audrina’s skin was glowy with nothing on it (plus, she gets really good spray tans) and her lashes are naturally dark and long – just like her hair. So when I tell you she isn’t wearing eye makeup or blush in these pictures…you just have to believe me. I watched the six minutes of makeup like a hawk. She isn’t! She’s a freak of nature. I don’t lie on this website. I just don’t.


Audrina showed up with long, loose, damp hair, in a sort of nineties-looking sundress and literally no makeup – I immediately knew it was going to be a tricky kind of MakeUnder, because she looked really, really good with no makeup on. So any makeup was sort of going to look like too much makeup! Luckily, we barely used anything for that top shot. For real.

Oh, and she was eating a package of mini donuts. Do you love it or do you love it?

THE SHOOT AT PIER 59 STUDIOS WEST We had lots and lots of fun at our shoot by the awesome photographer Ashley Barrett at the amazing, beautiful Pier 59 Studios West in Santa Monica, on a beautiful, sunny March day.

And as is often the case with studios, the really fantastic “sets”, so to speak, were outside, where rose bushes grew wildly over graffiti-covered walls and where sittings editor Jason Sciara and I made Audrina change clothes on the sidewalk while we held up jackets and things to shield her (“It’s cool!” Audrina said cheerfully at the time. “I was on the swim team!”).

Like I said, Audrina is very, very sweet, just like she appears on TV. I totally liked her; I would have, like, been down to go to dinner and drinks with her, you know?She's just someone you'd want to hang out with, and not in the I-am-enjoying-observing-this-fascinating-celebrity-creature way (which is what it's like hanging with Courtney Love, for example), but just in a "What a fun person!" way.Audrina was willing to put on my sort of weird clothes, which I’d brought in a shopping bag straight out of my suitcase in case I didn’t like the clothes that had been called in for the shoot (she particularly liked a Spandex baby-blue-and-white miniskirt from the friggin' Material Girl Collection that I bought on last year for like $13).

She was also open to all sorts of weird shots and had great energy. Love.AUDRINA'S BEAUTY ROUTINE PRE-MAKEUNDER: 3 hours and 30+ products!

Audrina’s usual prep time for red carpet or a big night out? Her makeup alone usually takes “about forty-five minutes,” her go-to makeup artist (and our MakeUnder artist for this shoot) Spencer Barnes of Solo Artists/NARS told me. “I’ll use twenty to thirty products: several eye shadows, three or four brushes, a highlighter, concealer, foundation, mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, powder, lashes…and so on.”

Geez! And what about hair?

“Because Audrina’s got hair for two people – so much hair! – it takes twice as long to do for a big night out,” explained Audrina’s incredible long-time hairstylist Jonathan Joseph Hanousek of Executive Artists. “From the sink to dry and out the door, we’re talking two hours.”


Seriously. “I usually blow dry it with a round brush and set it in rollers, then curl it with a curling iron, then loosen the curl,” Jonathan explained. “Yup. About two hours.”

Wow. So by my calculations, that's, like, thirty-five products and almost three hours to get Audrina out the door to the VMAs or where ever. Hotness aint easy! (Or is it -- the XOJANE way?! We shall see!)THE MAKEUNDER: 13 minutes, 6 products

Jonathan started by working a bit of (1) Rene Furterer Modeling Paste through the crown of Audrina’s lon-n-n-g, thick damp hair to dirty it up a bit and give it a base for a better air-dry. “Her hair is a bit fine, so the Molding Paste enhances her waves and gives it some natural texture,” he explained. “I smashed the product – which is matte, so you can’t see it – in her roots and then pulled it through to her ends.”

Next up? Braids – really really quick, random braids. Jonathan picked six “random” sections of hair and braided them quickly. Then he sprayed (2) Moroccan Oil Luminous Hair Spray up the length of the braid...

…and then, super-fast, ran a (3) FHI Heat Professional Styling Iron up and down the length of each braid. “You don’t need ponytail holders or anything because you spray the end of the braid and you hit it with a flat iron a couple of times and it’s locked,” Jonathan explained. Umm…genius.

And all this took seven minutes total -- the hair.

(Now, with all this hair awesomeness going on, we did several photographs – all with Audrina’s hair down. For one shot, I asked Jonathan and Audrina to flip her head and put her hair in a five-second messy bun with an elastic we borrowed from Julie or someone. And that wound up being the final photo.) On to makeup! Which took literally six minutes -- I always time it; it's my job, babes!

Makeup artist Spencer started by smoothing a tiny dab of (4) Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer all over Audrina’s already excellent skin. “It’s so highly pigmented that you literally need just one drop – I’m telling you, one drop,” said Spencer. “It’s great if you have clear skin already. It takes really good skin to the next level – to flawless.”

Next, Spencer enhanced Audrina’s already very long, dark lashes and set her well-groomed brows with (5) MAC Brow Set Clear. No actual mascara was snuck on to her – I checked obsessively! “The clear formula darkens lashes and makes them glossy and wet-looking,” explained Spencer. I'll say! Jesus. Audrina is a genetic freak. This tip is sort of just for them, maybe. Hot, though -- whatever!

Spencer finished by enhancing Audrina’s already very lovely mouth with (6) Kevyn Aucoin The Flesh Tone Lip Pencil, a natural shade with “a slightly greyish-beige” tone. “This creates a ‘shadow’ effect that makes lips appear bigger,” says Spencer. “I lined softly around the peaks of Audrina’s mouth to make her lips look fuller.”

Viola! End of MakeUnder! Are you impressed? I know I sure as hell was.


What you might not know about Audrina is that she is tightly media-handled by a strict publicist. I was not allowed to ask her questions about anything but beauty, which sucked because there are plenty of interesting things I wanted to know about.

I mean, I listed them all in the first draft of this thing, but I just erased all of them. Whatever, they were trashy questions anyway! Yeah, we just stuck to beauty:

Cat: Your skin is sooo good. It was the first thing I noticed about you when you arrived to the shoot. How do you take care of it?

Audrina: Ever since I was eleven, I started washing my face and really started taking care of my skin. Still, to this day, I really wash my face every morning and every night. I always use a cleanser and a moisturizer. I’m obsessed with Miracle Cream for the Face by Bremenn Research Labs, which is awesome -- I not only use it on my face, I use it on my knees, my elbows, my hands. It’s also travel-friendly: I travel a lot so my skin is always being dried out and I bring that little Miracle Cream and I just lather it on when I fly too.Cat: I always read these goofy celebrity beauty articles and they’re like, “Kirsten Dunst shreds a cucumber into a bowl of whole milk and then soaks the washcloth in it and then puts it onto her face after a flight”, and I’m like, “Oh, really? Because that sounds like quite a lot of work.”

Audrina: I’m always on the go, in this fast paced life so I need something quick to get the job done.

Cat: What’s the unhealthiest you have ever been? I mean, you’ve been through some partying phases -- did it affect your skin? When you were on the show and you were having to be up late all the time and going out surrounded by cigarette smoke and everything -- did it break you out?

Audrina: Yeah definitely. Filming all the time, and your schedules will film until 3 or 4 in the morning and then have to be there at 8 AM to start filming again. We would only get four hours of sleep. You get tired.

Cat: No wonder people on those shows get bitchy with each other. They look exhausting.

Audrina: Yeah, thank God for makeup! Even with makeup, it’s really going out late and not getting enough sleep really takes a toll on your skin. Not drinking enough water and the cigarette smoke -- there are so many factors that destroy your skin. As long as you take care of your skin and wash all of that grime off as soon as you get home, and drink a ton of water and moisturize...

Cat: What cleanser do you use?

Audrina: I don’t stick to one cleanser. I will use one for about six months to a year and then I’ll switch so my skin doesn’t get to used to it. Usually when my skin gets used to something it usually stops working after awhile. I switch around: from Dr. Murad, Dr. Lancer, to Dermologica...

Cat: I love Dermalogica. So do you get anything done? Like microdermabrasion, facials or anything like that?

Audrina: No. Once I got microdermabrasion and my skin freaked out! I have really sensitive skin. I don’t think anybody needs to get that until they are maybe in their late twenties because it’s so harsh.

Cat: It’s good for people like me who have acne, but you don’t have acne so you don’t need it.

Audrina: I don’t really have that problem. My problem is dry skin, so I’m constantly moisturizing and using Bremenn and then I use rose oil. I just layer it on.

Cat: I just interviewed Carmen Electra last night, who also has dry skin; she is obsessed with anything with oil. I‘ll tell her about the Bremenn with the rose oil secret. That sounds perfect for her. Her favorite face oil just got discontinued and she’s, like, devastated.

Audrina: Oh no.

Cat: In terms of makeup, can you just name a few of the products that you use every single day that you just love?

Audrina: Let me get my makeup bag...I use Chanel pressed powder -- the Poudre Universelle Compact. Giorgio Armani foundation -- or actually, I just switched from Giorgio Armani to NARS. Make Up For Ever is also really good.Cat: For foundation?

Audrina: For their contouring stuff.

Cat: Oh really?! So you are a contourer? I love that. Very impressive.

Audrina: I guess I use it more as a bronzer, always. I’m obsessed with bronzer. So between the Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit and Lorac Tantalizer, which I take with me everywhere I go. Sometimes I’ll just put on a tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier and bronzer and some mascara and that’s it.Cat: I mean, you look amazing. You showed up [to the shoot] yesterday I immediately knew that I was going to have to monitor the makeup for the MakeUnder because you are one of those people who looks so good with no makeup that with just a little bit on, you look like you actually have a lot on.

Audrina: I don’t use too much when I go out, I don’t put too much face makeup on, but I do my eyes up to make my eyes pop more. If I don’t do my eyes, it’s with red lipstick or hot pink or a dark plum.

Cat: When you do your eyes for night, do you just do black eye shadow and black eyeliner? Traditional smoky?

Audrina: Well I have hazel eyes. So I like to bring out the green in my eyes. So I use lots of plums and purples and golds. I smoke my eyes out with a dark brick red with plum and black in the crease.

Cat:I should do that; I have hazel eyes. Of course I just lazily smear on black stuff.

Audrina: It really makes your eyes pop. Dior has this amazing mascara that is a cranberry color for people with hazel eyes; I’m obsessed with it. It really depends on what eye color you have, you should use the colors that will enhance your eyes.

Cat: How do you take care of your hair? Wait, that’s not even the question I really want to ask. This is: How do you smell up close? That’s my favorite question for celebrities. Like, can you do the rundown of what you use so everyone can imagine how you smell: your perfume, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion?

Audrina: I use a whole drill. I’m actually cleaning out my bathroom right now organizing. I use Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo--Cat: That shampoo smells amazing. I use it sometimes too just for the smell, even though I'm only supposed to use stuff for blondes. Obsessed with it!

Audrina: I always use a body buffer, and an exfoliator.

Cat: Oh, interesting. Admirable. That is a really commitment to soft skin. So does Courteney Cox, one of our celebrity columnists.

Audrina: I use anything that is coconut scented. It doesn’t really matter what brand.

Cat: Me too! Have you used the Body Shop Coconut Body Butter, which is my favorite beauty product of all time?

Audrina: No, I need to check that out!

Cat: Oh, man, Audrina! If you like coconut you will never like another product better! It keeps your skin dewy all day, like you’ve put oil or whatever on, but yet somehow it’s not greasy. And literally nothing in the coconut-scented beauty product genre smells better. You have to try it! I’ll link to it in the article so you’ll remember to get some.

Audrina: Omigod! Please do!

Cat: Anyway, sorry. I always dominate the interviews! I’m the worst. Keep going. What else do you use in the shower? Ugh, I am the creepiest interviewer ever! Sorry!

Audrina: So, like I said, I use anything that smells like coconut. I always use a body brush. I use a salt scrub with oil in it -- that really keeps my skin soft. And I love a light hair oil -- you can use as much as you want and your hair never looks greasy.

Cat: You need a lot. You have so much hair!

Audrina: I usually don’t blow dry it. I usually wash it and put it in a bun or a braid. Then once its dry I put some hairspray in and go. I’m not much of a hair person.

Cat: Me neither. I just think that flat iron stuff -- that look -- is not my thing. It’s good for some people. I could never have that life. Every time I’m standing there with a blow dryer I’m thinking, “I am one hour closer to death.” I have super thick hair too.

Audrina: I wash my hair once or twice a week. I don’t brush it all the time. I like sexy bed head hair where you wake up and just go.

Cat: What about perfume?

Audrina: I have so many perfumes.

Cat: Alright, then what is your Desert Island Top Three?

Audrina: Right now I’m using Givenchy Ange Ou Demon. I love Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb and Pure Poison by Dior. When people know me the automatically know that those are my smells.Cat: That’s interesting. Those are all very distinctive, very adult and not beachy. You like all this beachy stuff and then you have a real perfume nose. That’s really elegant. I’m very immature with my nose.

Audrina: It’s cool too, because perfume will smell different on my friends when then borrow it. Because of how it mixes with your body chemistry.

Cat:You really know your beauty, my dear! Now you obviously spend a lot of time at the beach and told me that you do try to wear sunscreen. What brands and SPF do you use?

Audrina: For my body, I love Kiehls Ultra Protection Water-Based Sunscreen Lotion SPF 25. I just use that lotion every morning. Its moisturizing and it has SPF. I don’t like to put on lotion and put on sunscreen. I would rather just get it all done at once.

Cat: You never go to tanning beds.

Audrina: I spray tan now. I used to go to tanning beds when I was eighteen, nineteen, twenty. Then I stopped. I do a spray tan.

Cat: I have to spray tan today. I’ve been going to tanning beds in New York because I’m so bad. New Yorkers are so bad. Julie and I went to get pedicures yesterday and I didn’t know what type of color to get because I so infrequently get pedicures. And I’m a beauty editor! What do you get on your toes?

Audrina: Actually right now I have a color by OPI its almost an orange-y coral red, it goes well with my skin color. My usual go to color is red. Red nails and red toes.

Cat: Everybody in LA is completely hairless, which is one of my greatest aspirations. Do you do laser, or waxing, or what? What do you do?

Audrina: I have done laser before, but with people with lighter hair it doesn’t work. Dark hair actually is how it works. I’m not that hairy of a person so I went to laser hair treatment a few times and it kind of helped. But not really.

Cat: I don’t know why I even asked that. It has nothing to do with this story. I’m just weird. Sorry.

Audrina: (laughs) That’s okay!

Cat: So what you thought about your MakeUnder -- the shoot and the look we gave you?

Audrina: I was going in not really knowing what to expect. But I was super happy with the results. It was that whole ‘90’s grunge rocker look that I absolutely loved. Sometimes I don’t just go for it and I’m super-safe so it was nice to let loose and put things together and embrace it.

Cat: You were awesome! You were changing on the street. My favorite thing was that you were like, “I was on the swim team.”

Audrina: I feel like I’m a professional at changing clothes on the street and around people. Its just a lifestyle, I guess. You guys were amazing such good energy. I loved my hair. I am almost inspired by what you based the look on, that Kate Moss, natural grunge-but-pretty rock style.

Cat: Well, we loved loved loved working with you. Thanks so much, Audrina!

Audrina: Thank you!

PHOTOGRAPHER:Ashley BarrettSTYLIST: Cat MarnellSITTINGS EDITOR: Jason SciaraMAKEUP:Spencer Barnes/Solo Artists/NARSHAIR:Jonathan Joseph Hanousek/Exclusive Artists ManagementASSISTANT: Julie Schott PRODUCER: Eric Nicholson HUGE SPECIAL THANKS TO:Pier 59 Studios West, Shutters on the Beach

You can follow Cat on Twitter @cat_marnell. Audrina is on Twitter at @audrinapatridge!