The xoJane Makeunder: Audrey Kitching, Pink-Haired Fashion Blogger And Style Star

We couldn’t get her to ditch her signature cotton-candy dyed hair, but come see all the natural beauty we uncovered when we dialed everything else way back.
Publish date:
April 23, 2014
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THE SUBJECT: Since the mid-2000s, Audrey has parlayed her wild, club-kid-inspired style into social media fame and a successful career as a designer and editor. She’s racked up loads of fans (she has nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram!) who know her as the woman who was wearing not-found-in-nature hair colors years before Katy Perry, Nicole Richie or Lauren Conrad would ever dare to go to Starbucks with a pastel hairstyle. While Audrey's hair might not turn as many heads as it used to, paired with her usual beauty and wardrobe go-tos (glitter! animal prints! smoky eyes! sequins!), she still attracts plenty of attention -- and spends a lot of precious time getting ready.


Products: 11 (foundation, concealer, powder, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, bronzer, eye brow pencil, eye brow gel, red lipstick and a little bit of shimmery stuff on her cheeks)Total prep time: 40 minutesAudrey says: “My parents would say that my hair is a phase, but it's been pink for 10 years! Everybody is so used to my outrageous style that they expect it from me. I’ve always kinda been the Purple Cow in the room. I live to the beat of my own drum! I love mystical and edgy fashion and I try to blend them together in a mermaid rocker way.”


Products: 6 (tinted moisturizer, powder, lip gloss, mascara, blush, hairspray) Total prep time:12 minutes Audrey says: "I liked that this look was still pretty without looking like I just woke up! It still had an Audrey vibe to it. I learned that no eyeliner and just mascara can be a great thing. I normally wear my hair pretty messy, but I really liked the more polished look as well. The whole look is pretty and professional and it’s good for my schedule because my days are all over the place. I could be doing production then going to a meeting and then trying to squeeze in a workout. With this look, I could go to straight to my yoga class after a busy day.


“Audrey’s usual makeup is very authentic to her style, but it was great to see how comfortable she was with going to a softer look," says Tia Hebron, Bobbi Brown Pro-Artist and the makeup artist for this shoot. To get the barely-there look she was going for, Tia took off Audrey's heavy foundation and applied (1) tinted moisturizer instead. It was lightweight enough to let Audrey's PERFECT complexion peek through.

Next, she used a big ol' fluffy brush to put (2) loose powder all over Audrey's forehead, nose and chin to keep those areas from getting too dewy as the day wore on. After that, Tia applied (3) rosy blush over her cheeks and lids (just a little bit!) so she would look kind of flushed and happy. "Because she has really delicate lashes, I only used one coat of mascara (4) for low-key definition," says Tia. One last final touch: Tia added a few dabs of pale mauve lip gloss (5) and blended it with a lip brush to accentuate Audrey's natural lip color. And for Audrey's hair, stylist Helena Moké quickly added a few big curls with a curling iron then smoothed them out with a brush. Then she swept all of the hair into a low side ponytail and sprayed it with a little (6) Oribe Superfine Hair Spray. Done!

If reading this post caused you to shout at your laptop, “Do me next! Do me next!” you’re in luck. (Also, you sound kind of dirty.) We’re on the hunt for readers (and friends of readers, sisters of readers, cousins of readers twice removed, etc.) who -- um, how do we say this delicately? -- could stand to tone it down a bit. To nominate yourself or someone you know for a makeunder, hit us up at All candidates must be in New York City or LA and be open to trying a beautiful natural look for a day. Are you down?