ASK THE EXPERTS: I Want To Know What YOU Want To Know

We're starting a new beauty/fashion column and need your input.
Publish date:
November 5, 2013
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One of my favorite things about this site is how much I learn on any given day reading and editing. I always just want more, more, more.

The other day I emailed Jane and said, "Do you think the readers would be into a weekly column where an expert in beauty or fashion or wellness answers questions...but from them?" Her immediate reply was "YEP." So here we are.

I want to know what YOU want to know...and who you want to hear it from -- and then I'll make it happen the best I can.

The plan is to bring in a rotating group of groovy experts (some of whom I've known and worked with since back in the Jane mag days) to talk directly to your needs and wants -- makeup artists, hairstylists, colorists, wellness doctors, nutritionists, dermatologists, anyone else you have a growing desire to hear from.

So blow up the comments section with your suggestions for topics and ACTUAL questions you want answered. And what type of expert should launch the first column? Input, please. Because I want this to be as super-engaging and informative of a discussion as you'd find everywhere else on xoJane.